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  • Kashgar

  • This historic city at the crossroads of the Silk Road is famous for its Sunday animal market.
  • Chengdu

  • The Capital of Sichuan Province is home to the Panda Reserve and Grand Buddha
  • Xian

  • Dates back to 1000BC and hosts the outstanding Terracotta Worriors.
    • Beijing

    • The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Olympic Games and much more.
    • Shanghai

    • The City of the old and the new earns its title as "Paris of the East" and is the top Shopping Centre too.
    • Guilin

    • Stunning limestone formations along the banks of the wonderous Li River.
    • Hong Kong

    • A captivating blend of Eastern and Western cultures, the perfect add-on to any tour.

Cosmopolitan Shanghai

Shanghai, the largest city in China, has fully embraced technology and modernity. The city exudes a cosmopolitan character, marked by contemporary urban living, futuristic skyscrapers, and a bustling financial district. Shanghai has become a hotspot of modern China, and is known as a progressive, enterprising city. Benefiting from economic reforms Deng Xiao Peng initiated in 1979, Shanghai’s resurgence in economic prosperity can be witnessed from the rapid developments in the Pudong New Area. Pudong is home to the city’s newest international airport, high-rise buildings and a vibrant urban area.

Shanghai hosted the World Expo in 2010. The Expo helped to further drive the city’s incredible growth and progress, drawing over 70 million visitors and tourists.

The famous Bund stretches for one mile along the bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai and faces across to the modern Pudong district on the other side. Stroll along the colonial waterfront, where European architecture dominates. Once a small fishing village in the 1800s, Shanghai transformed into the most glamorous and cultured city in China in the 1930s and became known as the ‘Paris of the East’. The once sleepy village was transformed into a city of foreign influences as western powers such as Britain, France and the US took up autonomous concession zones in Shanghai. It soon became a significant industrial centre and trading port in China. Enjoy a cruise on the panoramic Huangpu (Hwarng-Poo) River and admire the stunning view of old and new Shanghai.

Fully inclusive group tours to China

  • Wonders of China

  • UK - Beijing (3N) - Xian (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Shanghai (2N) - UK
  • Experience the variety of wonders that China has to offer from the history of the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors to modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai. Take in the beauty of Guilin with a cruise on the Li River, the dramatic Three Gorges on the Yangtze River and the adorable Giant Pandas in...
  • 16 days - from £2490
  • -10637604
  • Majestic Yangtze

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Chengdu (1N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • The highlight of this two week tour is a four night cruise on the Yangtze River. Sail through the Three Gorges where the vertical cliffs rise dramatically from the water. Add to this a visit to the famous Panda Conservation Centre in Chengdu and it’s easy to see why this tour is a long term...
  • 14 days - from £2390
  • -10637604
  • A China Experience

  • UK - Shanghai (3N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • This classic itinerary visits the three most famous cities of China: cosmopolitan Shanghai, historic Xian and bustling Beijing. Included are the must-see sights of the Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. for contrast we also visit the historic canal town of Wuzhen with its...
  • 10 days - from £1690
  • -10637604
  • Cities of the Orient

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Beijing (3N) - Xian (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Hong Kong (3N) - UK
  • Experience all the diversity of China from the stunning landscapes of the Yangtze River and Guilin, to the cosmopolitan cities ofShanghai and Hong Kong. Walk on the Great Wall and come face to face with the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.
  • 20 days - from £3190
  • -10637604
  • Chinese New Year Special (Beijing to Shanghai)

  • Iconic sights and celebrations
  • Join the spectacular celebrations of the Spring Festival in China, including the colourful and vibrant Chinese New Year. Celebrate the New Year with Wendy herself on an exclusive Cruise. No Single Supplement (limited availabilty).
  • 8 days - from £1990
  • -10637604
  • Magnificent China

  • UK - Beijing (4N) - Xian (2n) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Chengdu (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - UK
  • Take an in-depth look at the best of China on one of our most popular tours. all the famous sights are covered along with some special treats. Gaze in wonder at the Grand Buddha in Leshan, visit the traditional gardens of Suzhou and admire the magnificent Giant Pandas in Chengdu.
  • 21 days - from £2890
  • -10637604
  • China's Mountains & Gardens

  • UK - Shanghai (3N) - Suzhou (2N) - Hangzhou (2N) - Tunxi (2N) - Huangshan (1N) - Jingdezhen - Lushan (3N) - UK
  • Discover the horticultural highlights of eastern China, from the endemic botanical richness of the spectacular mountain landscapes of Lushan and Huangshan to the ancient, classical gardens of charming Suzhou plus exploration of the magnificent Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden.
  • 15 days - from £3590
  • -10637604
  • China Highlights

  • UK - Shanghai (4N) - Suzhou (1N) - Hangzhou (2N) - Guilin (2N) - Yangshuo (1N) - Kunming (2N) - Chongqing (2N) - Chengdu (3N) - Xian (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • Our best value tour to China explores the famous sights of this fascinating land as well as many of its hidden treasures. See historic cities, fabulous landscapes and the famous Giant Panda Conservation Centre in Chengdu. Also discover the ancient Buddhist sites at Leshan and Dazu as well as the ...
  • 23 days - from £2690
  • -10637604
  • Harbin Ice & Snow Festival

  • Harbin Snow & Ice Festival Including Chinese New Year in Shanghai with Wendy herself
  • Combine two of the worlds most spectacular celebrations: Harbin Snow and Ice Festival and Chinese New Year in Shanghai. Celebrate the New Year with Wendy herself. Exclusive Dragon Boat Cruise. Explore awe-inspiring ice carved sculptures. No Single Supplement (limited availability) ...
  • 8 days - from £2290
  • -10637604
  • Gardens of China

  • UK - Beijing (4N) - Xian (3N) - Guilin (3N) - Suzhou (1N) - Shanghai (2N) - UK
  • See the botanical gardens of Guilin and Chenshan, the classical oriental gardens of Suzhou and Beijing, and the iconic sights of ancient China.
  • 15 days - from £3490
  • -10637604
  • China Delights

  • UK - Shanghai (1N) - Suzhou (1N) - Hangzhou (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Changdu (2N) - Xian (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) Beijing (3N) - UK
  • China Delights is a great value tour that focuses on amazing scenery and historic sites from Guilin to the Great Wall. Discover hidden gems that are less often visited such as the traditional gardens of Suzhou, the beautiful West lake in Hangzhou, theremarkable Grand Buddha in Leshan and ...
  • 19 days - from £2390
  • -10637604
  • Classic China

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Beijing (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Xian (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Guilin (2N) - Lijiang (2N) - Kunming (3N) - UK
  • This tour combines many of the great sights of China with a Yangtze River Cruise and picturesque Yunnan Province. Discover the bizarrely eroded limestone pinnacles of the Stone forest, stroll through the beautiful old town of Lijiang and gaze in awe at the dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge....
  • 21 days - from £3590
  • -10637604
  • Glories of China

  • UK - Shanghai (3N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (4N) - UK
  • The striking landscape along the Li River is the defining highlight of this popular itinerary. Stay overnight in the small town of Yangshuo surrounded by rice fields and limestone hills in Southern China. Add the histories of Beijing and Xian along with cosmopolitan Shanghai and you have the best...
  • 14 days - from £2090
  • -10637604
  • Grand Tour of China

  • UK - Beijing - Overnight Train (1N) - Xian (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Chengdu (1N) Dali (2N) - Kunming (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Hangzhou (2N) - Suzhou (2N) - Shanghai (2N) - UK
  • To get the most from your visit to China, look no further than the Grand Tour. This comprehensive itinerary includes all the main sights as well as time for relaxation. Visit the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors; enjoy a four ...
  • 26 days - from £3290
  • -10637604
  • Simply Yangtze

  • UK - Beijing (3N) - Yangtze River Cruise (3N) - Shanghai (2N) - UK
  • Cruise down the Yangtze River past a spectacular mix of unique cultures, dramatic scenery and incredible feats of engineering
  • 10 days - from £2390
  • -10637604
  • Grand Yangtze

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (8N) - Chengdu (1N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • A leisurely, luxurious cruise along the mighty Yangtze River with the five-star specialist, Victoria Cruises. Explore the former imperial capital of Nanjing and beautiful Mt Huang before sailing through the dramatic Three Gorges. There is also plenty of time to relax and admire the spectacular sc...
  • 18 days - from £3290
  • -10637604
  • Ancient China

  • UK - Beijing (4N) - Datong (1N) - Wutaishan (1N) - Taiyuan (1N) - Pingyao (1N) - Xian (3N) - Luoyang (1N) Zhengzhou (1N) - Shanghai (3N) - UK
  • Combine Beijing and Shanghai with a visit to four ancient imperial capitals as well as the wonderfully preserved UNESCO listed town of Pingyao. Discover the roots of Chinese Buddhism at Wutaishan, the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang and the Hanging monastery in Datong. We also witness a Kung Fu demon...
  • 18 days - from £2690
  • -10637604
  • China Splendour

  • UK - Shanghai (2n) - Beijing (3n) - Xian (2n) - Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Chengdu (3N) - UK
  • Uncover the Nine Villages Valley, a part of China with turquoise lakes and cascading waterfalls. Rarely seen by western vsitors, this delightful scenery is one of China’s real treasures. Combined with the most popular sights of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai this tour really provides the best o...
  • 14 days - from £3190
  • -10637604
  • Treasures of Vietnam & China

  • UK - Saigon (4N) - Hoi An (2N) - Hue (2N) - Hanoi (3N) - Chengdu (1N) - Guilin (2N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Xian (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Beijing (3N) - Shanghai (3N) - UK
  • Explore two of Asia’s most fascinating countries on one comprehensive tour. Enjoy the delightful scenery of Halong Bay and Guilin, mixed with the history of Hoi An, Xian and Beijing. This itinerary is rich in the beauty and culture of the Orient.
  • 27 days - from £3990
  • -10637604
  • Dreams of Nature

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Mt Huang (1N) - Tunxi (1N) - Zhangjiajie (2N) - Chongqing (3N) - Wulong (2N) - Nine Villages Valley (3N) - Chengdu (2N) - UK
  • Discover the most beautiful sights of China on a tour dedicated to nature. From the swirling mists of Mt Huang and the dramatic pinnacles of Zhangjiajie to the impressive Huangguoshu Falls. Complete your tour with a visit to the beautiful alpine scenery of Nine Villages Valley.This tou...
  • 19 days - from £3790
  • -10637604
  • China in Focus

  • UK - Beijing (2N) - Jinshanling (1N) - Xian (2N) - Guilin (3N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Chengdu (2N) - UK
  • Capture the iconic sights and hidden treasures of this breathtaking and diverse country with the help of our professional photographers
  • 14 days - from £3590
  • -10637604
  • China & Tibet Discovery

  • UK - Beijing (3N) - Xian (2N) - Lhasa (3N) - Chengdu (1N) - Yangtze River Cruise (3N) - Shanghai (2N) - UK
  • See the most famous sights of China: The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Giant Pandas. explore the mystical land of Tibet to discover fabulous palaces, holy monasteries and sacred temples. Complete your tour with a relaxing cruise on theYangtze River.This tour reaches a ...
  • 16 days - from £3590
  • -10637604
  • Exquisite China

  • Travel in style and luxury as you make your way through China's most famous and mesmerising sights
  • INdulge yourself wit ha deluxe Yangtze cruise and opulent hotels as a relaxed itinerary takes you from imperial treasures and Terracotta Warriors to vibrant cities, adorable pandas and delicious gastronomy, complete with many special experiences
  • 14 days - from £3990
  • -10637604
  • Legends of China

  • Explore China's natural beauty in this stylish tour through the heartland
  • Discover the best of Chinas many wonders on this lavish cross-country adventure. Experience natural grandeur and imperial treasures, witness man-made marvels and ultra-modern miracles, as you wend your way from Beijing to Shanghai in style
  • 16 days - from £4490
  • -10637604
  • Spirit of the Yangtze

  • Cruise the lifeline of China on the stunning Yangtze River
  • Cruise the mighty Yangtze River on a six night voyage of discovery after enjoying some of Chinas most renowned and swe-inspiring sights on an itinerary that perfectly blends majestic nature, cultural heritage and modern wonders.
  • 18 days - from £4490
  • -10637604
  • Shanghai Private One-day Tour

  • Shanghai: China's Urban Centre
  • DIscover Shanghais delights with this whirlwind tour of the metropolis. Visit the Yu Gardens, admire the Bund and marvel at the architectural style of Xintiandi.
  • 1 days - from £80
  • -10637604
  • Shanghai Short Stay

  • Shanghai
  • China’s 'commercial capital' is located at the mouth of the Yangtze River and is famous for its bustling metropolitan atmosphere and rich cultural and historical past. The Bund offers a living exhibition of the architecture of the past that contrasts with 'New' Shanghai and the Oriental Pe...
  • 3 days - from £320
  • -10637604
  • Glories of China

  • UK - Shanghai (3N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (4N) - UK
  • Combining the contrasting urban splendour of Shanghai, Beijing and Xian with the majestic sights of the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and extraordinary landscapes of the Li River, this private tour showcases China’s most glorious highlights
  • 14 days - from £2490
  • -10637604
  • Majestic Yangtze

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Chengdu (1N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • Savour the natural grandeur of the Three Gorges on a relaxing Yangtze River Cruise – just one part of a wonderful tour that also includes China’s enthralling cities of Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, and of course the unforgettable Giant Pandas of Chengdu
  • 14 days - from £2790
  • -10637604
  • Wonders of China

  • UK - Beijing (3N) - Xian (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Shanghai (2N) - UK
  • China is a land of many wonders – both ancient and modern, natural and man-made. This hugely popular private tour is a comprehensive journey through China’s most iconic sights from the magnificent Great Wall to the mighty Yangtze River
  • 16 days - from £3190
  • -10637604
  • China by Rail

  • UK - Beijing (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Xian (1N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Chengdu (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (3N) - Shanghai (3N) - UK
  • From the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors to bustling Shanghai, see the highlights of China on this rail experience.
  • 15 days - from £3190
  • -10637604
  • A China Experience

  • UK - Shanghai (3N), Zhujiajiao, Xian (2N), Beijing (3N) - UK
  • The quintessential experience, this introductory private tour offers a glimpse of China’s glorious past, fascinating present and bright future with visits to the exceptional and contrasting cities of Xian, Beijing and Shanghai
  • 10 days - from £2090
  • -10637604
  • China Express

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • This Private Tour experience visits cosmopolitan Shanghai before boarding the Bullet Train to historic Beijing, where the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China await.
  • 7 days - from £1890
  • -10637604
  • Grand Yangtze

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Yangtze River Cruise (8N) - Chengdu (1N) - Xian (2N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • Following a course carved from the landscape over millions of years, the Yangtze runs through a wealth of spectacular scenery. From dramatic gorges and pastoral panoramas to man-made wonders and imperial cities, enjoy it all at a relaxed pace on board your cruise ship
  • 18 days - from £3790
  • -10637604
  • Magnificent China

  • UK - Beijing (4N) - Xian (2n) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Chengdu (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - UK
  • Take an in-depth look at the best of China on one of our most popular tours. all the famous sights are covered along with some special treats. Gaze in wonder at the Grand Buddha in Leshan, visit the traditional gardens of Suzhou and admire the magnif...
  • 21 days - from £4390
  • -10637604
  • Explore China and plan your holiday with our interactive map, including guides to the top attractions, slideshows and recommended tours.

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