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  • Kashgar

  • This historic city at the crossroads of the Silk Road is famous for its Sunday animal market.
  • Chengdu

  • The Capital of Sichuan Province is home to the Panda Reserve and Grand Buddha
  • Xian

  • Dates back to 1000BC and hosts the outstanding Terracotta Worriors.
    • Beijing

    • The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Olympic Games and much more.
    • Shanghai

    • The City of the old and the new earns its title as "Paris of the East" and is the top Shopping Centre too.
    • Guilin

    • Stunning limestone formations along the banks of the wonderous Li River.
    • Hong Kong

    • A captivating blend of Eastern and Western cultures, the perfect add-on to any tour.

Grand Buddha

The remarkable Grand Buddha in Leshan (Le-Sharn) was built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is carved out of a cliff face that lies at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers in the south of Sichuan Province. The stone sculpture faces in the direction of the holy Mount Emei (Er-May) with the rivers flowing beneath his feet.

Construction was started in 713 AD by a monk named Haitong in the hope that the Buddha would calm the turbulent waters - in fact so much stone was deposited into the river that it did soothe the water. The Buddha is 71m high, his shoulders 28m wide and a person can sit on his smallest toenail.

China Group tours that include Grand Buddha

In Pursuit of Pandas - Christmas Special group tour
  • In Pursuit of Pandas - Christmas Special

  • UK - Beijing (3N) - Xian (2N) - Chengdu (4N) - UK
  • This special Group Tour takes visitors to discover some of the most impressive historical, cultural and natural sights of China, including the Great Wall of China on Christmas Day, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors of Xian and the Panda Conservation Centre in Chengdu on New Y...
  • 11 days - from £2590
  • -10637604
Eastern Voyager group tour
  • Eastern Voyager

  • Home to breathtaking sights, fantastic historical buildings and breathtaking views, see why Vietnam and China are two of the most fascinating countries in the world
  • From the Great Wall, Warriors and pandas in China to Halong BAy, Saigon and the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, this whistle stop adventure is the perfect introduction to the historical, cultural and natural trasures of both of these fascinating countries.
  • 17 days - from £2990
  • -10637604
Magnificent China group tour
  • Magnificent China

  • UK - Beijing (4N) - Xian (2n) - Yangtze River Cruise (4N) - Chengdu (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - UK
  • Take an in-depth look at the best of China on one of our most popular tours. all the famous sights are covered along with some special treats. Gaze in wonder at the Grand Buddha in Leshan, visit the traditional gardens of Suzhou and admire the magnificent Giant Pandas in Chengdu.
  • 21 days - from £2990
  • -10637604
China Highlights group tour
  • China Highlights

  • UK - Shanghai (3N) - Suzhou (1N) - Hangzhou (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Kunming (2N) - Chongqing (1N) - Dazu (1N) - Chengdu (2N) - Xian (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Beijing (3N) - UK
  • Our best value tour to China explores the famous sights of this fascinating land as well as many of its hidden treasures. See historic cities, fabulous landscapes and the famous Giant Panda Conservation Centre in Chengdu. Also discover the ancient Buddhist sites at Leshan and Dazu as well as the ...
  • 23 days - from £2890
  • -10637604
China Delights group tour
  • China Delights

  • UK - Shanghai (1N) - Suzhou (1N) - Hangzhou (2N) - Guilin (1N) - Yangshuo (2N) - Changdu (2N) - Xian (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) Beijing (3N) - UK
  • China Delights is a great value tour that focuses on amazing scenery and historic sites from Guilin to the Great Wall. Discover hidden gems that are less often visited such as the traditional gardens of Suzhou, the beautiful West lake in Hangzhou, theremarkable Grand Buddha in Leshan and ...
  • 19 days - from £2490
  • -10637604
Plant Seekers group tour
  • Plant Seekers

  • UK - Chengdu (3N) - Emeishan (1N) -Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Songpan (1N) - Kunming (3N) - Lijang (3N) - UK
  • An exclusive trip of a lifetime to follow in the footsteps of the original plant hunters.
  • 15 days - from £4990
  • -10637604
China Splendour group tour
  • China Splendour

  • UK - Shanghai (2n) - Beijing (3n) - Xian (2n) - Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Chengdu (3N) - UK
  • Uncover the Nine Villages Valley, a part of China with turquoise lakes and cascading waterfalls. Rarely seen by western vsitors, this delightful scenery is one of China’s real treasures. Combined with the most popular sights of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai this tour really provides the best o...
  • 14 days - from £3190
  • -10637604
Sichuan Explorer group tour
  • Sichuan Explorer

  • UK - Chengdu (1N) - Dazu (1N) - Zigong (1N) - Mt Emei (2N) - Dujiangyan (1N) - Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Mao County (1N) - Chengdu (2N) - UK
  • Sichuan Province is the natural habitat of one of the world’s endangered species – the Giant Panda. We observe these magnificent creatures at the Panda Conservation Centre in Chengdu as well as admire the Grand Buddha in Leshan. We also visit Mt Emei, Buddhist Dazu and beautiful Nine ...
  • 13 days - from £2390
  • -10637604
Himalayan Adventure group tour
  • Himalayan Adventure

  • UK - Chengdu (2N) - Lhasa (3N) - Shigatse (1N) - New Tingri (2N) - Zhangmu (1N) - Bhaktapur (2N) - Pokhara (2N) - Chitwan (2N) - Daman (1N) - Kathmandu (3N) -UK
  • This is an exciting tour to bring out the adventurer in you. The tour begins in Sichuan Province visiting Chengdu and Leshan, before exploring the magical temples in the mystical land of Tibet. Then journey to the spectacular Mt Everest Base Camp before arriving in the fertile lands of Nepal to e...
  • 20 days - from £3690
  • -10637604
  • Chengdu Short Stay

  • Visit the Chengdu Panda Reserve and the Grand Buddha in Leshan
  • As the capital of one of the most affluent rural areas in China, Chengdu has developed into a large and modern city, yet within crooked backstreets you will still find all the charms of old China. Wander amongst the traditional wooden houses and bustling street markets, through the aromas of Sichuan...
  • 4 days - from £620
  • -10637604
In Pursuit of Pandas private tour
  • In Pursuit of Pandas

  • UK - Beijing (3N) - Xian (1N) - Chengdu (3N) - UK
  • Journey on this private tour from the imperial treasures of Beijing through atmospheric Xian with its enigmatic legions of Terracotta Warriors to reach the charming city of Chengdu, where you will meet its most famous residents – the captivating Giant Pandas
  • 9 days - from £2490
  • -10637604
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