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  • Kashgar

  • This historic city at the crossroads of the Silk Road is famous for its Sunday animal market.
  • Chengdu

  • The Capital of Sichuan Province is home to the Panda Reserve and Grand Buddha
  • Xian

  • Dates back to 1000BC and hosts the outstanding Terracotta Worriors.
    • Beijing

    • The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Olympic Games and much more.
    • Shanghai

    • The City of the old and the new earns its title as "Paris of the East" and is the top Shopping Centre too.
    • Guilin

    • Stunning limestone formations along the banks of the wonderous Li River.
    • Hong Kong

    • A captivating blend of Eastern and Western cultures, the perfect add-on to any tour.

Nine Villages Valley

Located 450km from Chengdu in Sichuan Province is the breathtaking Nine Villages Valley (Jiuzhaigou - Jo-Jai-Go). Lost among vast mountain ranges and inhabited by only a handful of Tibetan and other ethnic villages, this dream-like valley offers stunning alpine scenery that is heavily forested and home to many protected species. The Nine Villages Valley was accidentally discovered by a lumberjack in 1972 and was subsequently listed on the World Natural Heritage List in 1992.

Today it remains one of China’s greatest natural assets unseen by western tourists, due to its remoteness, inaccessibility and the government’s determination to protect and preserve the ecology of this pristine area. History tells us that a group of Tibetan pilgrims came into the area seeking refuge from religious persecution in the 1300s. The endless, soaring mountain range kept them and the area totally hidden and untouched for over six centuries.

Fully inclusive group tours to China

  • Plant Seekers

  • UK - Chengdu (3N) - Emeishan (1N) -Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Songpan (1N) - Kunming (3N) - Lijang (3N) - UK
  • An exclusive trip of a lifetime to follow in the footsteps of the original plant hunters.
  • 15 days - from £
  • -10637604
  • China Splendour

  • UK - Shanghai (2n) - Beijing (3n) - Xian (2n) - Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Chengdu (3N) - UK
  • Uncover the Nine Villages Valley, a part of China with turquoise lakes and cascading waterfalls. Rarely seen by western vsitors, this delightful scenery is one of China’s real treasures. Combined with the most popular sights of Beijing, Xian and Shanghai this tour really provides the best o...
  • 14 days - from £3190
  • -10637604
  • Sichuan Explorer

  • UK - Chengdu (1N) - Dazu (1N) - Zigong (1N) - Mt Emei (2N) - Dujiangyan (1N) - Nine Villages Valley (2N) - Mao County (1N) - Chengdu (2N) - UK
  • Sichuan Province is the natural habitat of one of the world’s endangered species – the Giant Panda. We observe these magnificent creatures at the Panda Conservation Centre in Chengdu as well as admire the Grand Buddha in Leshan. We also visit Mt Emei, Buddhist Dazu and b...
  • 13 days - from £2390
  • -10637604
  • Dreams of Nature

  • UK - Shanghai (2N) - Overnight Train (1N) - Mt Huang (1N) - Tunxi (1N) - Zhangjiajie (2N) - Chongqing (3N) - Wulong (2N) - Nine Villages Valley (3N) - Chengdu (2N) - UK
  • Discover the most beautiful sights of China on a tour dedicated to nature. From the swirling mists of Mt Huang and the dramatic pinnacles of Zhangjiajie to the impressive Huangguoshu Falls. Complete your tour with a visit to the beautiful alpine scenery of Nine Villages Valley.This tou...
  • 19 days - from £3790
  • -10637604
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