This page has been designed to help answer your questions regarding your Chinese Visa Application.

Chinese Visa FAQs  

Does the visa form have to be typed?
The forms will now need to be typed as the Chinese Embassy will no longer be accepting handwritten visa application forms.

Where can I access the form?
Please view the blank Chinese visa form which will need to be completed, printed and hand signed.

What should the visa form look like?
Please view an example completed Chinese visa form.

At what point do we send our passports and applications to you?
The earliest we can accept Standard Service applications is 8 weeks prior to departure and the latest is 6 weeks prior to departure.

Any applications received less than 6 weeks prior to departure will automatically be liable to the Express visa fee and we will contact you for payment prior to processing your visa application.
 What happens if I need my passport for travel when you require it? 
Our Standard Service takes 4 weeks to process the Chinese visa application from the date we receive your documents until completed.

If this does not fit in with your other travel arrangements booked, then you have two options:
• You can take advantage of our Express visa service for an additional £60 per passport and the turnaround time is two weeks which can be done 12 weeks prior to departure at the earliest and the latest would be 4 weeks prior to departure. In order to do the Express visa service you must have a two week period in which we can hold your passport.

• You also have the option to process your own visa through the China Visa Application Centre. For more information see below.
What happens if I do my own visa? 
In most cases, we would refund you the cost of the visa, which is included within your tour cost. Once we have been informed of this, we will then send you an invitation letter which is to be presented along with your visa application as supporting documents.
You will have to make an appointment to submit your application at your nearest service centre to you (London, Manchester and Edinburgh). You will need to visit twice, once to submit then again to collect at a later date.
Why does it take so long? 
The process of a Standard visa service takes 4 weeks as it is done in a systematical order depending on departure date. The processing involves thoroughly checking each application, adding supporting documentation and taking it to and from the embassy.
What do I put in the hotel itinerary (Section 2.6) 
It is important to note you only need to list three China hotels under this section leaving the date column blank.
The first hotel would be your arrival city in which you fly in to as shown on your confirmation. The second hotel would be a city during the middle of your tour (usually Xian) and the final hotel would be your departure city.
You may visit other cities however you only need to list these three hotels.
If you’re not visit Beijing, Xian or Shanghai, please leave this whole section blank. 
Will I be staying at the same hotels that I have listed on the application form? 
No, you will receive your confirmed hotel list 2-3 weeks prior to departure with Final Document pack.
Will my occupation affect my application? 
Occupation does not tend to be an issue unless you work as one of the following:
• Government Officials
• Charity Workers
• Media (TV, Journalist, Writer, etc)
• Religious Worker
• Photographer / Videographer
If you work as any of the above, please call us on 0800 630 0888, as this may also affect when you can apply for the visa. 
What if I make a mistake? 
If you make a mistake on the application form, then you will need to redo the form correctly.
Can my application be double sided? 
No, single sided only.
What happens if I do not hold a British or EU passport? 
Please call us on 0800 630 0888 to discuss further. 
I was born outside of the UK and EU, will this affect my application? 
Yes, this can affect your application, even if you have a British passport.
Depending on where you were born or what passport you currently hold, it varies on what supporting documents are required so please contact us on 0800 630 0888. 
What if I don’t have a UK address? 
We cannot process any applications unless you have a UK address. Please speak to the Chinese embassy in your country of residence.
What if I have no Major Family Members? 
This section cannot be left blank. If you do not have any major family members then please list the details of your solicitor, doctor or close family friend.
You only need to list at least one person’s details.
What box do I need to tick for intended number of entries? 
If you hold a British Citizen Passport, please tick the ‘Multiple entries valid for 1 year from the date of issue’ option.

If you hold any other passport, please tick ‘One entry valid for 3 months from the date of issue’.

At this moment in time, the embassy have chosen to grant all British passport holders with a multiple entry visa valid for two years however this can change at any time.
What do I need to do if I have had a Chinese visa previously?
If your Chinese visa is no longer valid, please send a coloured photocopy to us along with your application.
If you have renewed your passport and have an unexpired visa in your old passport, then you need to submit both old and new passports.
What happens if I have a criminal record? 
If your criminal record is spent then you do not need to declare it on the form. If it is still ongoing then please call us on 0800 630 0888. 

How do I attach the photos to the form?
Please do not attach the photos to your form, we will do this for you. Please leave the photos loose on the passport photo page.
Do I need to list Hong Kong on my Chinese visa application? 
No, there is no need to mention this on the Chinese visa application as Hong Kong is not part of Mainland China. This also applies to Tibet.
How can I find out my arrival date into China?  
This is usually the day after you depart from the UK as flights to China are overnight. So for example if you depart London on the 11th March you will arrive Beijing on the 12 March.

Your full flight information can be found on your confirmation invoice.


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