This page has been designed to help you complete your Chinese visa application form with the correct information. If you are unsure of how to answer a certain question, then please click here to visit our frequently asked questions.

Completing Your Visa Form

You may type or handwrite your visa form in blue or black ink, using capital letters on PLAIN WHITE A4 paper, printed out over 4 pages as it is designed. Any alterations to these requirements will cause your application to be rejected and therefore cause delays. If you make a mistake you must start again as the Chinese Embassy will not accept anything crossed out or with Tipp-Ex on it. Each application must be an original - please do not use photocopied forms.

Please ensure that your completed form, passport and photograph are sent to us 8 weeks prior to departure. Any passports sent to us within 6 weeks of departure will incur a visa express fee of £60 per person. The only exceptions are applications from clients who work in the Media, in the Parliament or Religious Personnel; the embassy will only accept these applications 4 weeks in advance.

Your passport must be valid for six months from the date of your departure from China and it should have at least 2 blank pages; these do not need to be together.

Please complete the specified questions that relate to you. If they do not, please simply write N/A. Please do not leave any blank spaces on your application unless requested to do so. Here are some tips on how to complete the form. 

Please click here to view an example completed Chinese Visa form.

Important Information

If you are travelling with children under the age of 18, please include their original long form birth certificates, showing both parents names. Please include both parent’s original passports. If the parents are not travelling, the original passports will still need to be provided along with a consent letter signed by both parents, please contact us for further information.

If you work in any of the following sectors; media, charity, the government or a religious sector you will need to fill out a statement clarifying your position and declaring that you are visiting China for tourism purposes.

Non-EU passport applicants should hold a valid UK visa, a resident permit or an entry stamp. Without one of these three, the application will be rejected. If stamp is on an expired passport, you will need to send it together with current one.

If you are Chinese origin and born in Hong Kong, please send your application with your Hong Kong ID card, even if it has expired. If you are of Chinese origin but born in China with a UK passport, you must include your old Chinese passport with your application.

If you hold an EU passport (non-UK) then you will be required to supply additional information:-

If you’re self-employed:-
• A recent original bank statement (within 6 months old).
• Your most recent self-assessment tax return form.

If you are employed by a company:-
Most recent original bank statement (within 3 months old)
A letter of confirmation from your employer confirming your role. (This must include; the company logo, company address, what the company does, that you are a permanent member of staff as well as your job title). This must be signed by your line manager.

Photograph Specifications

You will need to provide one recent colour photograph of yourself which is no more than 6 months old. The photo must be different to the one in your passport. Please do not attach the photo to the form, just leave it loose.

  • Must be taken in a photobooth or by a professional photographer.
  • Unmounted, passport size photo
  • Your head should be positioned in the centre of the photo
  • It should show your full face (without smiling) and your face should be in the centre of the frame.
  • Your hair should be tucked behind your ears
  • No sunglasses
  • No glasses
  • No jewellery
  • No hats or scarves

Part 1: Personal Information 

1.1 Names as per passport

Please complete as per passport.

1.2 Name in Chinese

Complete if applicable. If you do not have a name in Chinese please write N/A.

1.3 Other Names

Please write down any name that you have been known by, including maiden names.

1.4 Gender

Please tick appropriate box.

1.5 Date of Birth

Please enter in Chinese format YYYY/MM/DD.

1.6 Current Nationality

Please enter your nationality as per passport. For example British. You cannot write English or UK

1.7 Former Nationality

Please enter any former nationality here or if not applicable enter N/A.

1.8 Place of Birth

As listed in your passport

1.9 Local ID/Citizenship Number

Please write N/A unless your passport has this specific information. This does not appear on UK passports.

1.10 Passport Type

Please tick “Ordinary” unless you have a Diplomatic (Government), Service/Official Passport. 

1.11 Passport Number

As listed in your passport. For UK passports its 9 digits.

1.12 Date of Issue

As listed in your passport.

1.13 Place of Issue

This is listed on UK passports under the authority section. This is usually one of the following:

  • IPS
  • FCO
  • HMPO

1.14 Date of Expiry

As listed in your passport.

1.15 Current Occupation 

Please provide your current occupation or job title. 

  • If you do not have one, simply tick ‘Unemployed’ or ‘Retired’ 
  • If you are a Parliament or Government Official, please write your job title next to ‘Position' 
  • If you are Military personnel, please specify your job title/rank next to ‘Position’
  • If you are self-employed, a business person or work from home, please write your job title next to ‘Other’
  • If you work in media, a charity or a member of the clergy, then please call us as this will affect your application.

1.16 Education

Please write your educational qualifications, even if you are retired. Alternatively, tick ‘Other’ and write Secondary School. 

1.17 Employer/School

  • If you are retired, you can write N/A for all boxes but you must give a daytime home phone number.
  • If you are a businessperson, please write the name of your company, address and phone number.
  • If you are self-employed, please write the name of your company or the type of business you are in and the business registered address in this address section. A daytime phone number is also mandatory.

1.18 Home Address

This must be an address in the UK. If you live abroad, you must either provide a UK address or apply for your visa through your local Chinese Consulate. 

1.19 Postcode

Please enter your full postcode

1.20 Home/Mobile Number

Please enter your home telephone number

1.21 Email Address

Please enter your email address here, should you not have an email address then enter N/A.

1.22 Marital Status

Please tick the appropriate answer

1.23 Major Family Members 

This section is compulsory. If you have no living relatives, please write the details of a close friend, your Solicitor or Doctor as your application will not be accepted if this section is left blank. You only need to list one persons details. 

1.24 Emergency Contact 

Please complete the details of your Next of Kin. This must be someone who is not travelling with you. 

1.25 Country or territory where the applicate is located when applying for the visa

Please enter United Kingdom. No other answer will be accepted.

Part 2: Travel information 

2.1 Major Purpose of Your Visit

We can only apply for a tourist visa on your behalf so please tick or mark ‘Tourism’

2.2 Intended Number of Entries

If you hold a British Citizen Passport, please tick the ‘Multiple entries valid for 1 year from the date of issue’ option.

If you hold any other passport, please tick ‘One entry valid for 3 months from the date of issue’.

2.3 Are you applying for the express service?

Please tick ‘NO’ unless you have paid the additional 60 per passport for this service and is shown as Express Visa Fee on your invoice.

2.4 Date of Entry

Please refer to your flight itinerary or invoice for the date of arrival in China.

2.5 Longest Intended Stay in China

How many days will you be in China for. Please refer to the flight section on your invoice for the arrival and departure dates.

Please note that you do not need to include Hong Kong for British passport holders.

2.6 Itinerary in China

It is important to note you only need to list these three China hotels under this section leaving the date column blank.
The first hotel would be your arrival city in which you fly in to as shown on your confirmation invoice. The second hotel would be a city during the middle of your tour (usually Xian) and the final hotel would be your departure city.
You may visit other cities however you only need to list these three hotels.
If you’re not visit Beijing, Xian or Shanghai, please leave this whole section blank. 
Please note the below hotels are not necessary the hotels that you will be staying but are for visa purposes only.

Hotel Details:

  • Beijing:
    Chang An Grand Hotel
    27 Hua Wei Li,
    Chao Yang District,
  • Xian:
    Yulong International Hotel
    No. 5 West Part of North 2nd Ring Road,
  • Shanghai:
    YaFan LongMen Hotel
    No. 777 Hengfeng Road,

2.7 Living Expenses

Please fill in who will pay for your cost of travelling during your stay in China. In this instance, please write “Inviter”.

2.8 Information of Inviter in China

Please write the following: 

East Shanghai International Travel Services
1F Esit Plaza
1877 Pudong Nan Road
Shanghai 200122

Tel: 021 5888 5681 

Relationship with the applicant: Inviter 

2.9 Previous Visa to China

If you have been to mainland China before and your visa is in your passport/or a previous passport, please include a copy of the visa with your application. If you have been to mainland China before and you no longer have the previous passport with the visa included, please enter N/A for this question. You must prove you have been before without this prove write N/A. If you have never had a visa for China then please write N/A.

2.10 Other Countries or Territories Visited

Please list the names of the countries you have visited in the last 12 months. If you travel extensively, please list the last 2 or 3 countries you have visited. 

Part 3: Other Information

Please complete sections 3.1 – 3.5 truthfully and provide detailed reasons in section 3.6 should you answer yes to any of the questions. If necessary, please provide an accompanying letter. 

3.8 If Someone is Travelling with You and Sharing Your Passport 

Please mark this as N/A.

Part 4: Declaration & Signature 

Please sign by the arrow and date the application form (YYYY/MM/DD) as it will otherwise be rejected. If the applicant is under 18 years of age and no signed but the child, this section must be signed by a parent.  If the applicant who is under 18 but has signed their passport they must sign part 4.

If you are travelling with someone under the age of 18 then please refer to the section at the bottom of this page.

Part 5: Application Form Completed by Another Person 

For anyone travelling under 18 years of age, then you will need to provide the following documents with your application:


  • Applicants original birth certificate
  • Both parents original passport
  • Section 5 of the application form needs to be completed and signed by both parents side by side.
  • If the application has signed their passport then then section 4 needs to be completed by the applicant, if not the parent will need to complete this section too.

Final Check

When sending your application to us, please check that you have the following: 

  • One completed and signed (section 4) application form per person
  • One full valid passport per person- With a validity of more the 6 months on return
  • One recent photo per person
  • If you have booked your own flights, please include a copy of your flight itinerary/e-tickets
  • If you are doing a short stay with us as an extension to your cruise holiday which you have booked elsewhere, please include your flight and cruise itineraries
  • Any other supporting documentation needed as listed above
Once you have everything, please send them by Special Delivery to:

Operations & Visa Department
Wendy Wu Tours
Ground Floor Cottons Centre
Cottons Lane, 47-49 Tooley Street

Information Last Updated: 08 June 2017


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