Air China Means Business

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China’s national carrier and a member of Star Alliance, Air China is an airline you’ve probably not had to think much about unless you’ve flown to the region. That’s about to change! With a recent upgrade to its Business Class cabins, Air China is more on the radar than ever before, and ready to whisk you off on a Wendy Wu tour to China or Japan.

Flying from London Heathrow, on what is currently the fastest routing to China, you’ll be boarding a A350-900. Now, we could talk all about how the shark-let wingtips provide “optimal aerodynamic efficiency during various flight phases, ensuring a quieter journey” but that’s not the exciting stuff. That’s all happening inside the plane, and we can tell you, you’re in for a treat!

The Onboard Experience

So, let’s begin by saying that all passengers flying Air China’s A350-900 will be getting the most comfortable onboard experience, with an advanced system that offers real-time control of pressure temperature, air circulation and purification – great news all round – and there is also an onboard WiFi service to keep all passengers connected to the ground when they are up in the air. The entire fleet will also offer industry-leading seats in each class, especially important for those long-haul flights.

But now, let’s get down to business…

The Seat

The most important aspect of flying Business Class must be the seat. After all, you’re spending a good few hours in it, so you’re looking for a cocoon of comfortableness where you can sit, be entertained, and maybe catch a few winks.

On Air China’s A350’s, the Business Class seats are in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout, maximising cabin space and giving all passengers direct access to the aisle and reduces any disturbance caused by the crew as they carry out their services. It also means a lovely bit of privacy, perfect for enjoying the 18-inch screen on which you can enjoy a huge range of movies, shows and TV gaming – you’ll get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones too.

Your seat is yours to control and make your own with a handy touch-screen panel that allows you to make big adjustments – upright, resting and lie-flat – or fine adjustments to the backrest, lumbar support and leg positioning. Then there are the leather armrests that you never knew you needed! One offers plenty of space for the contents of your amenity kit and other personal items (or, dare we say it, work!) while the other can be adjusted to the perfect height and, when lowered, increases the width of your flat bed to an expansive 28 inches.

The Food

Air China’s Business Class food service is in association with Quanjude, a much loved Chinese restaurant China particularly well-known for Peking Duck. With a strong focus on quality, together they are continuously developing delicious twists on quintessential Chinese dishes including ‘Beijing Flavours’ and ‘Sichuan Flavours’ to showcase the culinary highlights of different regions.   

The Lounge

As well as getting priority check-in and boarding, when flying back to the UK from Beijing Capital or Shanghai airports with Air China, ideal for many of our China tours and those transiting through before or after a Japan tour, Business Class passengers get access to Air China’s lounge. Designed to be warm and comfortable, with décor that echoes local heritage and culture, these restful spaces offer complementary food and drinks (including alcohol), an entertainment space, sleeping area and shower facilities. You’ll be boarding your flight feeling wonderfully clean, serene and ready for that welcome drink!

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