A journey through the jewels of Jordan

We’re delighted to bring our fully inclusive style of touring to Jordan on our jam-packed Journey Through Jordan tour. Jordan is a country where, as an explorer, you are richly rewarded with mystical desert landscapes, ancient monuments, cosmopolitan towns and cities, and a culture of hospitality that stretches back to antiquity.

A timeless land, here you can flit between the present day and a time when camel caravans carried frankincense and spices back and forth along the King’s Highway. To a time when the region was criss-crossed by Nabataean traders, Roman legions, Crusaders and Muslim armies, each contributing to the sights and culture that are so enthralling today. On our tour you’ll discover all these jewels and so much more, on one epic Journey Through Jordan.


The Unesco World Heritage Site of Petra is one of those places that, no matter how times you see it in pictures, you’ll never be fully prepared for seeing it in person. Tucked away in a sandstone escarpment, the city is hewn into pink-hued sandstone, the facades still bearing the echoes of their once ornate carvings after centuries of desert winds. A wealthy Nabataean city in the 3rd century CE, it was lost to the world for 500 years; it’s those years of abandonment that have lent Petra the air of mystery and adventure that makes it so alluring to explore and the ‘bucket list’ sight that it is today.


Jerash was a Roman city, and another of Jordan’s jewels to be lost to the sands of time – quite literally in this case, as the ruins were hidden for centuries by the shifting dunes of the desert. Here, you can walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Hadrian and Trajan wandering the colonnaded avenues of what is considered the best-preserved Roman city in the Middle East. Explore the enormous Forum and hippodrome, which still hosts chariot races, and admire ceremonial gates, temples, elaborate mosaics and carvings.


A relatively youthful city, Amman is a friendly and vibrant metropolis that offers its fair share to Jordan’s rich culture and epic history. Only selected as capital as a small town in 1921, it grew quickly and energetically, keeping hold of the easy-going, accessible vibe that gives it so much charm. As it grew Amman’s downtown encompassed what is known as the Citadel, a hilltop site that features Roman ruins, a world-class museum and atmospheric streets crammed with souks, coffee houses and mosques – it’s here you need to stroll to catch a glimpse of a more traditional Jordanian life.

The Dead Sea

A spa destination for millennia, the Dead Sea (a misnomer, it’s a lake) has long been famous for the therapeutic properties of its water. Nestled in the Great Rift Valley, it is fed by the River Jordan whose waters then evaporate at a rate of millions of litres per day leaving behind concentrated levels of salt and minerals. Wallowing in its waters and slathering yourself in its rich muds will exfoliate and heal and, apparently, leave you restored and beautified – whether that’s true or not, floating in the super saline water is extremely relaxing.

Wadi Rum

Around 80% of Jordan’s landscapes are variations of desert; Wadi Rum offers a particularly picturesque and accessible section to explore. Also known as the ‘Valley of the Moon’, the region has hosted humanity from the very beginning – there is ancient rock art and graffiti to discover among the geological formations – and is still home to nomadic Bedouins today. The plentiful siqs, arches and towering dunes change moods throughout the day, so it’s good to spend enough time here to see them shift through hues of reds and purples; a luxurious desert camp is the best way.

Journey through Jordan

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