Introducing Saudi Arabia

For years, the many wonders of Saudi Arabia have been hidden away from all but pilgrims, but now everyone is welcome to come and discover this enigmatic destination, and we think you’re going to love it…

Considered by many to be the last frontier of travel, before 2019 Saudi Arabia was closed to the world, unless you happened to be travelling there on business or on a pilgrimage. But now Saudi Arabia holidays are open to anyone who wants to come, explore and experience the magic of Arabia. We suggest you do it quickly (our nine day ‘Secrets of Saudi Arabia‘ tour is ready and waiting!) because this is a destination that is bellowing to the discerning traveller to “get over here right now before the whole world discovers me!”

Vast and varied, Saudi Arabia is a kingdom of two faces, one that looks back at a mind-bogglingly long history and one that looks fixedly at the future. Exploring the past, all 10 millennia of it, brings a world of the past back to the present with ancient rock drawings, the desert ruins of long fallen empires, holy cities at the heart of the Islamic faith, traditional, bustling souks and huge camel markets. The future, however, can be found in the fast-paced, mega-rich cities, particularly capital Riyadh, bustling with the gleaming skyscrapers, world class museums, shopping malls and entertainment districts that are springing up in earnest. It is learning about the interaction of these two faces, the past and the future, that give us a glimpse of what it is that makes Saudi Arabia tick.

A destination with a difference, this is a place for those who are fascinated by the combination of staunch tradition and forward-looking, for those who can dive headlong into rich culture, lose themselves to history and thrive on the enigmatic.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia…

Our Top Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia


Built by the Nabataeans, the trading empire also responsible for Petra in Jordan, Hegra was a spice route city that faded into history when it was taken over by the Romans in 106 AD. Overwhelmed by the desert, its 131 tombs, all carved from rock, are beautifully preserved and a wonder to explore.


Jeddah is a pilgrimage centre, thriving city and home to the country’s largest market, Souk Al Alawi, an emporium of exotic sounds and scents. The streets of al-Balad are an ancient delight, lined with coral stone buildings with carved teak balconies that have changed little since the 7th century.


The second holiest city in Islam, Medina was established in the 6th century BC and is steeped in fascinating heritage. Spectacularly set among mountains, plains and oases, it’s only recently that non-Muslims have been able to enter the city to admire its many religious and historical attractions.


The epitome of a living museum, Ushaiger was settled by Bedouins 1,500 years ago and became a popular stopping point for pilgrims en route to Mecca. Wander the maze of narrow alleyways between the mud houses for a glimpse of a quieter, slower Saudi Arabia of times-gone-by.


Surrounded by the Nefud Desert on an old caravan trade route, Jubbah is best known for the ancient petroglyphs and inscriptions in the sandstone outcrops that surround the city. UNESCO-listed, the rock art depictions include birds, monkeys, archers, chariots, camels and gazelles.

Secrets of Saudi Arabia

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