China – Safe and Better than Ever

As the first nation to successfully defeat the Coronavirus, China is safe again.

With measures in place to maintain social distancing, including limiting visitor numbers, the famous attractions are also looking pristine, beautiful and crowd free!

Our guides tell us that crowds are so small that it feels like travelling in China 30 years ago and that this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the country in a way that’s not been possible for decades and won’t be the same again in the future.

Read on for the inside reports, from our guides on the ground, to discover what holidaying in China is like right now and will be like for us too when we are free to travel.

Chengdu Panda Research Centre

Since 25 March, the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Centre has been open to a restricted number of visitors all desperate to see China’s most loveable animals.

As one of Chengdu’s most popular attractions, the centre would usually see approximately 35,000 guests a day, but for now just 5,000 lucky visitors are permitted to enter daily. And they really are lucky as these visitors have the rare opportunity to experience the centre without the usual crowds.  They can see the new-born pandas being fed, watch the infants playing and gaze at the adults feasting on bamboo all at their own pace – they can truly soak up every moment of seeing these amazing creatures without any distractions.

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Good news flooding in from all over China

Our guides are telling us that it’s the same story all over the country. Famous sites, like the Forbidden City, Great Wall and Terracotta Army, that would normally be flooded with visitors are looking pristine, beautiful and crowd free.

So much so that Daily Telegraph recently exhorted its readers “Your first holiday after coronavirus? Make it China”. The Telegraph’s Mark Stratton wrote why China should be your first holiday after the Coronavirus lock-down is lifted.

” When China unlocks its doors, I think travellers will be rushing back to China because it will be the safest country in the world to visit, free of Covid-19″

” The jewels of their tourism offering have already reopened as the Chinese government deems Covid-19 sufficiently under control. The Great Wall reopened on March 24 and Xian’s terracotta warriors a day later”

” International travellers who head to China when it opens will experience its most famous sights without the crowds”


Joe, our National Escort in Xian, sent us this incredible video of the Terracotta Army Museum that recently reopened. The museum normally receives up to 65,000 visitors a day but now limits it to a maximum of just 8,000. Take a look at it on the day Joe visited.

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Tony, our guide in Yunnan, has sent us this lovely video report from Dali this week. Life has returned to normal with attractions open, parks and garden in full bloom and Tai Chi & dancing in the streets!

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