Why The Telegraph think you should visit China

The Telegraph’s Mark Stratton talks to founder Wendy Wu and writes why, for all sorts of reasons, China should be your first holiday after the Coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

“When China unlocks its doors, I think travellers will be rushing back to China because it will be the safest country in the world to visit, free of Covid-19.”

“The jewels of their tourism offering have already reopened as the Chinese government deems Covid-19 sufficiently under control. The Great Wall reopened on March 24 and Xian’s Terracotta Warriors a day later.”

“International travellers who head to China when it opens will experience its most famous sights without the crowds”

Read the full article in The Telegraph here

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For a great insight into what holidays in China are like right now take a look at this video report about a visit to Chengdu’s famous Panda Centre…

“With visitor numbers closely controlled – 5,000 a day versus 35,000 before Covid-19 – it feels like visiting China 30 years ago!”

Read the full article on how China is getting back to normal here.

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