Top Christmas Gifts for Travellers

While the more organised half of the population may have their Christmas shopping all wrapped up already, for the rest of us, the struggle is still very real. Perhaps your life is full of people who give the ‘oh I don’t know, don’t worry about me’ when you ask for gift ideas; maybe you know the person who really does have everything or, like many of us, you have a traveller in the family who is an impossible mixture of the two.

We’re here to help! As well as selling a few holidays to China, the rest Asia and South America, we’ve also got a great list of gift ideas just for travellers…read on to learn more!

National Geographic Traveller magazine subscription

Logo of National Geographic Traveller magazine

An extravaganza of travel tales, destination articles and beautiful imagery, a subscription to this fantastic magazine is the gift to give your favourite traveller a monthly dose of wanderlust. Just a word of warning… full of insightful facts, the magazine could make the recipient into a travel know-it-all. Great for pub quizzers, perhaps not so good for daily conversation.

We have a fantastic subscription offer with National Geographic Traveller magazine – 6 months for just £5!

Tickets to Destinations: Holiday and Travel Show

Held at the end of January in a huge space in London Olympia, Destinations: Holiday and Travel Show is full of travel experts, agencies, tourist boards and suppliers from across the world, all displaying the very best of their wares; from holidays and adventures to the newest travel accessories. This is heaven for a keen traveller, with plenty of people to discuss all things travel, gather inspiration and sample world flavours. There’s also talks and masterclasses to attend for plenty of travel advice and tips. Find out more about the show

Fold-away BagsLOQI bag with hand and headphones

These handy bags are the perfect stocking filler!  Roll-up-able or easily folded away into little pouches, these reusable shopping bags are perfect for those who enjoy a spot of shopping on their travels. In all sorts of amazing patterns, they can be whipped out to carry souvenirs found at a market or bazaar, to carry the fresh local produce picked up for snacks or dinner, or to put your bits in for that visit to the beach or hotel pool.

We particularly like these striking LOQI bags from our friends at Stone Gift, that come in their own tiny zip pouch and in a huge range of amazing patterns.

Passport Holder

Yes, fair, it is quite an obvious one, but you can get some really sexy passport holders these days.  From the classy leathers to world maps to personalised ones with photos (we’re looking at you parents, for your backpacker kids!) this is the perfect little stocking filler that will be endlessly useful for protecting that great ticket to adventure, the humble passport.

Luggage Tags

Another obvious choice perhaps, but how many of us have stood at the luggage built at the airport peering through the piles of cases trying to work out if that one is ours or not? A luggage tag removes the doubt, saves your eyes and potentially your toes if you often get involved in the luggage belt scrum. They also give you the chance to announce what sort of traveller you are to your fellows – fun (we’re thinking some sort of pineapple or flamingo), rough and ready (hand stamped leather says just that) or classy (smart black or brown leather/leather look with gold stamped initials, oh la la!)

Guide Books

A pile of books in front of a large map

Every traveller loves to peruse a good guide book to plan their next adventure and discover new destinations. It’s best to find out where their loyalties lie before picking a title – they could be Lonely Planet-ers, only abide Rough Guides or find Fodor’s the best of the bunch, to name just a few. Choose a destination that you know they haven’t been too, or one that you’ve heard them mention…if in doubt, just go for the one with the most striking cover image.

We love our Lonely Planets – check out their website for all the options!

Action Camera

Woman with action cam taking photos of a forest

At the higher end of the budget, an action camera is a hardy piece of kit which can follow a traveller into the most extreme of situations. It can be hand-held or strapped to whichever part of the body you fancy – head and chest are the usual suspects – to capture those most incredible travel moments as they are experienced, up close and personal. Be prepared for plenty of amateur movie marathons!

Lounge Passes

An airport lounge as the sunsets

Unless you love a browse through duty-free, many of us just like a quiet spot to relax before embarking on a long flight. Airport lounges off just that, but you don’t usually have free access to one unless you are flying Business or First Class. So, a pass to access airport lounges worldwide, which offer drinks, snacks, WI-FI and somewhere to sit can be a really useful gift for someone who travels a lot!

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