Dagu Glacier Improves Sichuan Tourism

A glacier in Sichuan Province is improving local tourism to a national park in the valleys northwest of Chengdu.

Dagu Glacier, formed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and located in Heishui county, is attracting on average 140,000 tourists every year. The name ‘Dagu’ translates to ‘glacier’ in Tibetan, earning it its name.



Formed more than 4 million years ago, it was only discovered in 1992 by satellite imagery, as it was hidden by snow. The Dagu Glacier fills an area of over 3 square miles along the outskirts of three mountains and has been found to be up to 200m thick in winter. In the summer, the snow recedes to reveal its icy surface. Scientists have also discovered that it is one of the world’s youngest glaciers, as well as being one of the closest to an urban city – it’s only 174 miles from the capital of Sichuan Province, Chengdu.



The scenic area around the Dagu Glacier has been established as a National Park since 2003, with 13 modern glaciers in all. The area consists of snowy peaks reaching nearly 5,000m in height, sapphire coloured lakes, traditional Tibetan villages with their centuries-old traditions, alpine scenery, rare flora and endangered animal species, such as the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey.



The world’s highest glacial cable car also allows you to ascend 1,200m to the peak of the glacier within 15 minutes, where the view from 4,860m is a sight to behold.

Sichuan Tourism

The Dagu Glacier joins Sichuan’s more scenic tourist destinations, including Nine Villages Valley (Jiuzhaigou) and the Huanglong Pools.

Together, the area is perfect for tourists who want to book a China holiday with a difference, where abundant scenery and stunning panoramas can be enjoyed. You can see a different part of China in Sichuan Province, and it’s perfect for those who wish to holiday in China for a second time.

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Image Credit: China Daily

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