Poem: The Wonders of China

Come to China

With Wendy Wu

Wondrous sights

Wait for you.

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square

A million people

Can gather there.

Mountain high

China’s Great Wall

Magnificent views

Sure to enthrall.

Chinese meals

Tasty with spice

Toffee potatoes

Vegetables and rice


Kung Fu show

Juggling, motorbikes

Whizz high and low

Xi’an singing fountains

Bright coloured lights

Shopping Malls

With overhead sights

Lego high rises

Peaceful parks

Dragon boats

Ceramic arts

Warrior soldiers

Terracotta clay

Rain imminent

Clouds grey

Neon signs

Mimosa trees

Lemon, jasmine

Chinese teas

City wall

Happiness Gate

Meet 30 minutes

Don’t be late

Traditional dances

Dumpling dinner

Muslim market

Marissa’s a winner

Pagoda Park

Tai Chi and song!


Perhaps Mahjong

Five Star toilets!

Or Chinese squat

Security searches

We’ve done the lot

Yangtze River

Here we come

To view the wondrous

Three Gorge Dam

Jade water

Fishing nets

Bamboo wheel

No time to rest


Fashion Show

Ferry the river

It’s go, go, go.

Watch the pandas

Chew bamboo

See fresh water pearls

Cormorants fishing too

Karst country

The River Li

Magical moments

For all to see

Minority tribes

In splendrous show

Dancing on Moon

Fishing fleets flow

Bamboo rafts

Countryside walk

Pack, yet again

No time to talk

Modern Shanghai

City of Lights

Busy Bund

Panoramic heights

French Quarter

Bullet train

Silk to purchase

Lucky, no rain

‘Ding ding hao’

Wendy Wu

Marvellous holiday

We thank you.

by Anita Howard, who travelled to China on our 16 day Wonders of China tour in September 2014. This was performed on stage at our 10th Anniversary in the UK Party.

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