Welcome to Chengdu – China’s Most Charming City

Nestled in the heart of the Sichuan province is Chengdu, one of China‘s biggest and most charming cities. Despite being one of the three most-populous cities in Western China, Chengdu is wonderfully laidback and visitors are captivated by its many pleasant offerings.

Chengdu is the perfect place to sit and soak up your surroundings and thanks to its relaxing teahouse culture, you can do this whilst sipping on traditional brews which have been mastered over generations. You’ll also be familiar with the famous flavours of Sichuan, these fiery dishes are a staple of every local eatery and they’ve landed Chengdu the title of Asia’s first UNESCO City of Gastronomy.

Let’s not forget the main reason many visit Chengdu in the first place, China’s loveable giant pandas! Chengdu is home to one of China’s very best Giant Panda Research Centres and you can watch them play and feast on bamboo on one of our most popular tours In Pursuit of Pandas

Here’s a look at just a few of the other incredible things you can experience in Chengdu…

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