Introducing the Home of Ancient Hospitality – Jordan

Right now is the perfect time to get thinking about your next travel destination and use your time to really plan out your bucket list travel destinations. Today, I’d like to give you just a few reasons why, when travel opens back up, Jordan should be at the top of your list.

See one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’ with a visit to Petra

Follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones as you explore this stunning sandstone city, the ancient Nabatean city is an essential on any visit to Jordan and I imagine is something already on many of your bucket lists. After my visit last year, I would certainly say it surpassed my expectations!

As you enter the city, strolling through the Siq you gradually get a glimpse of Petra’s defining monument, the Treasury. Upon arrival at the treasury our tour guide told us ancient tales of the locals and how they believed the goddess, depicted at the top of the Treasury, knew where the treasure could be found. You will notice that there are a number of bullet-like holes that surround the goddess, this was told to be the result of the locals (after a couple of drinks) asking her to direct them to the treasure.

Continuing through the lost city, our guide introduced us to a local Bedouin known by the nickname “Captain Jack” who taught us about the Bedouin use of kohl to line their eyes as a method of keeping sand out and even gave us some beauty tips!

This vast and wonderous city is full of intriguing sites, follow the trail all the way to the Monastery for a site that really does not disappoint!

Traveller Tip: Make the experience ever more memorable with a visit to Petra at night

Explore the vast dessert surroundings of Wadi Rum

The next highlight I’d like to bring to your attention is the beauty of Wadi Rum. This barren wilderness is so rugged that it almost resembles the surface of the moon and is often shown in space movies to depict an undeveloped planet, take the opportunity to enjoy a vivid view of our Milky Way. Staying overnight in one of the Bedouin Camps is a great way to reap the benefits of staying in the desert.

One of the most popular activities in Wadi Rum is a jeep safari, it’s easy to see why Lawrence of Arabia was drawn into the Valley of the Moon. Watch as traditional Bedouins lead their goat herds through the desert. Famed for far more than its fascinating landscape, Wadi Rum Is also known for the petroglyphs and inscriptions that trace human existence back 12,000 years in the area.

Traveller tip: Enjoy the spectacle of a traditional Bedouin Zarb, a delicious meal cooked in the “earth oven”

Admire the charms of Jordan’s Capital City, Amman

Temple of Hercules

The capital of Jordan is relatively underrated by many travel guides, but I felt as though it was the perfect place to live like a local. One of my favourite experiences in Jordan was in downtown Amman, visiting a local spice shop where the lovely shopkeeper handed me a cup of Bedouin tea and took me through a range of spices and explained how the Bedouin’s would use them to medicate.

A must stop on any trip to Amman is a visit to the ancient ruins of the Citadel, sitting high on a hilltop with wonderful panoramic views of the city. This historical site is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places and dates back to the Bronze age. Two of the most impressive sites that can be found in the Citadel include the stunning remains of the Temple of Hercules and the huge Umayyad Palace.

Traveller tip: the best views over the city can be found by the remains of the Temple of Hercules

Indulge in the glorious range of traditional dishes


The aspect of travel that gets us all excited… food. I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things to do when travelling is to try out something new and Jordan is ideal for this. On my trip, I was fortunate enough to be invited into the home of a local family and try my first traditional dish, Mansaf.

Mansaf is considered the national dish of Jordan, it is a dish that runs deep in Jordanian culture and has been known to resolve conflicts between tribes in the country. The dish itself is made up from rice, lamb and a yoghurt-based sauce named jameed.

Another unique glory that I would recommend trying if you are spending time in Jordan, specifically in Amman, is Knafeh. Knafeh is a sweet treat with a layer of crisp filo pastry sitting gloriously above a layer of Akkawi cheese and covered with a sugar syrup.

Traveller tip: Want to enjoy the tasty treat that is Knafeh? Visit one of the most popular spots in Amman: Habibah Sweets, Marwan Madi Complex, Al Hazar St. 2, Amman

Enjoy true ancient hospitality and interact with the kindest of people!

I wanted to finish this blog with the element that creates the most memorable travel experiences… the local people and their passion for their country.

This country has a true tradition of welcoming guests, from Nabatean tradesman to zealous Crusaders, hospitality is ingrained in Jordanian culture. From the moment I arrived in Amman to stepping on the plane back to London, the local people I had the pleasure to meet amazed me with their generous nature and fascinating storytelling. The Jordanian people are the true highlight to any visit to this beautiful country.

Experience the very best of Jordan on our mesmerising Journey Through Jordan tour. Start in the thriving commercial hub of Amman. Visit As-Salt, tour the ancient Roman city of Jerash and explore the famous fortress of Qa’lat Al Rabad. Stop at Mount Nebo and Madaba en route to Petra with ample time to explore the lost city. Camp in the deserts of Wadi Rum before rounding off an unforgettable week with a night at the Dead Sea.

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