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Cruise & Beach Holidays

Cruise & Beach Holidays

Explore the Mekong River and the glorious beaches of Vietnam or Cambodia

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Coronavirus Update - River Cruising is Back!

The UK government changed its advice around the ban on cruise ships on 20 July 2020, allowing us to now take river cruises.

This is a wise course of action. River cruise ships, like our very own Victoria Mekong, are far smaller than ocean going liners, carry a fraction of the passengers, and are always in close proximity to the shore, and therefore to local healthcare.

The Victoria Mekong also exclusively cruises a quieter stretch of the Mekong Delta with small group excursions to destinations firmly off the beaten track.

Mekong River Cruise

Combine the best of all worlds with a magical river cruise exploring the cultural treasures of the Mekong River and a relaxing stay on the glorious beaches of Vietnam or Cambodia.

As the only vessel to cruise this part of the delta, Victoria Mekong offers exclusive four and five day itineraries to hand-picked ports along one of the most enchanting stretches of the Mekong. This magical section of the river delivers wonders at every turn, from the lush, green landscapes of Vietnam up to Cambodia’s enchanting capital, Phnom Penh.

Combine your river cruise with one of the following idyllic beach resorts:

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Resting in the Vietnamese Gulf of Thailand and swathed in dense tropical forests, Phu Quoc boasts over 30 miles of palm-fringed white sand beaches. The perfect spot to just relax and work on your tan, there’s also the opportunity to dive the nearby reefs, kayak along the tranquil coastline, visit traditional villages, temples and mountains or even indulge in a round of golf.

Kep, Cambodia

From the turn of the century to the 1960’s, Kep was Cambodia’s premier holiday destination. You can view the ruins of the luxurious villas from those days dotted by the seaside. Modern Kep is now known for its relaxed atmosphere, fresh seafood and oceanfront crab shacks. Explore the charmingly dilapidated colonial architecture of nearby Kampot or hop on a boat to the unspoilt beaches of Rabbit Island.

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