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Holiday FAQs

Celebrating 25 Years of tour excellence

This page has been designed to answer any questions you may have about our tours.

Your Booking

Your Flights

  • What terminal does my flight depart from?

    Please refer to your departure airports website.

  • When can I pre-book my seats?

    Most airlines have a limited number of seats available for advance seating. How to reserve your flight seats varies from airline to airline and some airlines do make a charge to reserve specific seat numbers in advance of your departure date and payment is to be made directly to the airline. Usually seats are only pre-bookable once tickets are issued (usually 6 weeks prior to departure), and in some case seat are only able to be booked once on-line check-in opens. Wendy Wu Tours do not generally pre-book seats for our customers.

  • What is the luggage allowance on my international flights?

    Please refer to the relevant airlines website for the most up-to-date information on baggage allowances and security checks.

  • What is the luggage allowance on internal flights whilst on tour?

    For domestic flights within:

    • China and Southeast Asia: Checked-in baggage 20kgs, hand baggage 5kgs
    • India: Checked-in baggage 15kgs, hand baggage 5kgs
    • Japan: Checked-in baggage 20kgs, hand baggage 7kgs
    • South Africa: Checked-in baggage 20kgs, hand baggage 7kgs
    • South America: Checked-in baggage 23kgs, hand baggage 5kgs
  • Will I need to collect my luggage if I have a connecting flight?

    If all your International flights are on one ticket, then you will not have to collect your luggage. For example; if you are flying from Heathrow to Beijing via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific, your luggage will be checked all the way through to Beijing.

  • What do I do if I miss my connecting flight – due to delays?

    It is the airlines responsibility to put you on the next available flight and look after you should there be any delays. On your final tour itinerary, there will be information on who to contact (Wendy Wu Tours and our partners) in case of any delays.

  • Will someone be waiting for me at the airport?

    A Wendy Wu Tours representative will meet you in the arrivals hall at your destination.

Your Accommodation

Your Tour

  • When is the welcome meeting?

    The welcome meeting is usually held once everyone on your tour has arrived. This could be in the evening on your day of arrival, or the following morning.

  • What is the dress code on your tours?

    The dress code while on tour is very relaxed; however please note that clothing covering the arms and legs may be more appropriate when visiting religious buildings. We suggest smart casual attire for the evenings.

  • Will I be travelling with passengers from other countries?

    Our passengers generally enjoy the mixture of British, Australian and American clients on tour. Occasionally we are joined by English-speaking passengers from other countries.

  • Do you allow children on your tours?

    We allow children 12 years and over on our group tours. We recommend that families with children of any age take advantage of our private or tailormade tours. This will give you more flexibility while on tour.

  • What is the average age on your group tours?

    We have a very wide age range of people travelling on our tours. The average age is between 40-65, but younger and older passengers travel with us too!

  • Do I have to be super-fit to complete a Wendy Wu tours itinerary?

    Our "classic" tours are accessible to most people with an average level of fitness and normal ability. A higher level of fitness and stamina is required for our selected tours as they can be physically more demanding. These tours visit remote areas; sometimes in high altitude and facilities may be rather basic. All of our tours involve walking and the climbing of steps. Please refer to your tour dossier for more information.

  • What will we eat on tour?

    You will sample a range of local cuisine with the occasional western meals. All meals (excluding drinks) are included in our fully inclusive Group Tours. Breakfast is a combination of local and western food, usually served buffet style. Lunches and dinners consist of traditional local cuisine, with a wide range of dishes to choose from. Meals on our group tours usually start with dinner on the normal day of arrival and finish with breakfast on the normal day of departure. Our Private Tours include several free evenings, offering flexibility for those who wish to explore the local restaurants.

  • What will the weather be like? 

    Please refer to the relevant travel guide.

  • Where can I find information on what to pack?

    Please refer to the relevant travel guide.

  • What type of adaptor do I need to take?

    Please refer to the relevant travel guide.

  • What is average and the maximum number of people on a group tour?
    • Classic Tours: Average is 21 and the maximum number of people is 28.
    • Go Beyond Tours: Average is 14 and the maximum number of people is 18.
  • As a single traveller, will I be given the option to share?

    Customers booking to travel solo can choose our ‘Happy to Share’ option, which may enable them to share a twin room with other solo customers of the same gender who also request Happy to Share, thus avoiding the need to pay single room supplements. Note that ‘Happy to Share’ requests can be received when you make your booking with us but will not be confirmed until your final payment due date. If a share partner is found, the Single Supplement will be removed from your booking. If a share partner is not found, the Single Supplement will remain and is payable with your final balance in line with our normal booking conditions. Either way, our Operations Team will contact you around 75 days before departure to let you know whether a share partner has been found or not. We regret that Happy to Share requests cannot be accepted within 75 days of departure. Wendy Wu Tours reserves the right to change or withdraw this arrangement at any time.

Your Health

  • What vaccinations do you recommend?

    There are no compulsory vaccination requirements for entry into any of the countries we feature. We recommend you see your doctor for the latest health advice at least 6 weeks prior to your holiday. Recommendations can be found in our Travel Health section.

  • Can I take my prescribed medication?

    Yes. We would also recommend that you take copy of your prescription. We always reccommend that you visit the FCO advice for the relevant country that you are travelling too. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice 

  • Do you cater for people with dietary requirements / restricted diets?

    We try to cater for most dietary requirements, but please bear in mind that the countries you will be visiting will not always understand your requirements. Your National Escort / local guide will be on hand to assist and will have been advised in advance of your arrival. Please let us know of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Your Money

  • Is it better to take sterling, $USD or local currency?

    For Southeast Asia and South America, we recommend you take $USD which are easily exchangeable.

    China, India, Japan & Rest of the World we recommend you take £Sterling which are easily exchangeable.

    It is advisable that you get some local currency before leaving the UK, just in case you are unable to exchange on the day of arrival.

  • How does the tipping system work on your tour?

    Tipping is expected in Southeast Asia. However this can often lead to awkwardness in knowing when it is appropriate to tip and how much, as well as ensuring you have a suitable amount of change available at the time. For your convenience, and based on many years of experience, Wendy Wu Tours operates a kitty system on our Group Tours so your National Escort will look after this aspect of your trip for you. It also ensures that the amounts paid are reasonable for you but still fair for the local people. The amount is stated on each Group Tour page (and will be advised again in your final documents).

    Any additional tipping on any of our tours is welcomed at your discretion. Please feel free to tip restaurant staff, porters, or river guides if they performed a special service for you. For tours with fewer than 10 passengers, tipping will be slightly higher than stated on the group tour pages.

    On Private Tours and Extensions, we will advise recommended amounts. The specific amounts for tipping contributions will be outlined in your final documentation.

  • How much money should I take with me?

    On an average 2 week tour, we would recommend approx. £300-£400 per person spending money depending on your needs.

  • How can I pay for my tour tipping and option excursions?

    Tipping for our China group tours is to be paid Chinese Yuan. Tipping Southeast Asia and India tours in USD$. Confirmed amounts will be shown in your Final Travel Documents. On private tours, tipping is discretionary, however, we will advise approximate amounts and currency. Optional excursions are to be paid in local currency.

Tailormade Tours

We have also included links to our travel guides which contain useful information:

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