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This page has been designed to help you complete your Cambodia visa application form with the correct information. If you are unsure of how to answer a certain question, then please click here to visit our frequently asked questions.

Cambodia Visa Application

This page has been designed to help you complete your visa application form with the correct information. If any of the questions do not apply to you, please write N/A in the space provided. If you are unsure of a question, please leave blank or contact Wendy Wu Tours on 0800 630 0888 for further assistance.

When do I send my application?

Please ensure that your completed application form, photographs and clear coloured photocopy of your passport are sent to us between 6-8 weeks prior to departure. It is essential that our office has received these travel documents by this time.

Do I need to send my actual passport?

Dependent on your travel arrangements with us, you may not need to send us your actual passports. As we apply for your Cambodia E-Visa online, we do not need to take your passports to the embassy therefore a clear coloured copy of the main photo page in your passport will be suffice.

If you are entering Cambodia via boat, then we will require your actual passport to be sent to us so this visa can be obtained at the embassy in London.

Photo Specifications

  • You will need to provide one recent colour photograph of yourself (no more than 6 months old), which has been taken in a professional photo booth.
  • It should be taken against a light background, be clear and of good quality.
  • Unmounted, it should be 45mm x 35mm.
  • It should show your full face (without sunglasses/hat) and your face should be in the centre of the frame.
  • Please do not stick your photo to the application form - this can be left loose.

Check List

When sending your application to us, please check that you have the following details:

  • One completed and signed application form per person
  • One recent photo per person
  • One clear coloured photocopy of your passport photo page per person or actual passport (please see above).
  • Your passport must be valid for six months from the date of your return from Cambodia.
  • Your passport has at least 2 blank pages.

Section 1

  1. Personal Information

    Please complete the specified questions that relate to you in capital letters. If they do not, please simply write N/A. Please do not leave any blank spaces on your application unless requested to do so. Here are some tips on how to complete the form.

  2. Place of Birth

    Please provide the city where you were born and the country. e.g. Farnborough, Kent, UK.

  3. Occupation

    Please provide your current occupation. If you do not have one, then simply write “Retired” or “Unemployed”

  4. Name and Address of Hotel where you will be staying

    Please write N/A

Section 2

  1. Visa Type

    Please tick “Tourist”

  2. Date of Entry

    Please leave this box blank

  3. Date of Exit

    Please leave this box blank

  4. Point of Entry

    Please refer to your flight itinerary/invoice for your arrival point in Cambodia e.g. Siem Reap or Phnom Penh

  5. Means of Transportation

    This will be either Flight, Boat or Coach.

  6. Passport Place of Issue

    This is the issuing authority e.g. FCO, IPS, HMPO

  7. Date of Previous Visit to Cambodia

    If you have been there before, please state where and when you went. If not, please write N/A

Section 3

This question will only be applicable if you have a child or children under 12 years of age, travelling with you and they share your passport.

Once you have everything, please send the required documents to us by Royal Mail Tracked Post (or Special Delivery if you need to send your passport) post 6-8 weeks prior to departure to our address which is listed below.

Please note: If you are sending us your actual passport due to completing visas for another country or you are entering Cambodia via boat then please use Royal Mail Special Delivery via the post office.

Once the visas have been processed then we will send these out in the post to you.

Please send your documents to:-

Visa Department,
Wendy Wu Tours,
Ground Floor,
Cottons Centre,
Cottons Lane, 47-49 Tooley Street,

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