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China Visa Introduction

This page has been designed to help you complete your Chinese visa application form with the correct information. We understand there is a lot of information on this page, however we recommend that you read it fully to avoid your application getting rejected, when you attend the visa centre.

All visa applicants are required to attend their nearest China Visa Application Service Centre in person to provide biometric finger prints.

All British passport holders will require a visa for China. If you hold any other passport or you were born outside of the UK (even if you hold a British passport), requirements may differ, and we suggest you contact us.

Please note Wendy Wu Tours are acting as a visa agent and have no influence over the embassies decisions in granting a visa.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions which may help you complete your Chinese Visa application, by clicking here.

If you had any queries at all that are not listed on our FAQs page, then please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 630 0888 or email Visa@wendywutours.co.uk . 

Important Factors that may affect your application

If none of the below apply you, please continue with your application as normal. If any of the below apply to you, please contact us for further details.

  • You hold a British passport but were not born in the UK.
  • You hold a British passport but your passport doesn't state you're a 'British Citizen'.
  • You hold any other passport that is not British or in the EU.
  • You hold a dual nationality.
  • If you work in the following sectors; Government, Charities, Religious or Media.
  • If any passengers travelling are under the age of 18.
  • If you have a criminal conviction.
  • You have been denied a Chinese visa before.
  • If you were born in China, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, we cannot provide any assistance with your visa. We recommend that you apply as early as possible as the process is extremely lengthy.
  • If your travel arrangements are entering Tibet.
  • You must reside in the UK permanently.

We have found the above information can cause impact on how your application is processed. There may be other factors that we are unaware of, the embassy has the right to request further information from you at any time, which is out of Wendy Wu Tours control.

How the Visa Process works

The Chinese Embassy will require all visa applicants aged 14-69 to attend their nearest China Visa Application Service Centre in person to provide biometric finger prints.

The process differs dependent on where you live in the UK, as it determines which visa centre you will be applying at and further information can be found below.

  • Every applicant must visit one of the Visa Centre's in person at the time of their visa application submission.
  • The China Visa Application Service Centre are able collect your finger prints at their offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.
  • Fingerprints are NOT required for anyone under the age of 14, or over the age of 69 (if you are 69, you still need to provide fingerprints).
  • An online application form must be completed, printed and signed per person.
  • You will need to be ready to submit your applications between 4-11 weeks prior to departure.
  • We strongly recommend you send Wendy Wu Tours your application reference number in order to pre-check before submitting the application online. (Once your application form is submitted online, we cannot make any amendments)

For applicants applying in London

  • In London, we will have a member of staff to meet and assist you at the Visa Centre.
  • You must pre-book your appointment online in advance and arrive on time. We will only have a 10-minute slot at the Visa Centre – if you miss this you will have to rearrange to visit the Visa Centre at another time.
  • Please ensure your appointment is prebooked. You can book using our online appointment system.
  • Your appointment can be no earlier than 11 weeks prior to your entry date into China. The Visa Centre will not accept your application any earlier.
  • To make sure the appointment runs smoothly, please ensure you arrive by 10.45am on the day of your appointment. A member of staff with a Wendy Wu Tours sign will be waiting to greet you.
  • If you do not have an appointment pre-booked, you cannot submit your visa application.
  • As soon as your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation. Please bring this with you.
  • You will need to complete the online application form.
  • Please email our visa team ChinaVisa@wendywutours.co.uk your visa application reference number, and coloured copy of your passport. Please wait until we have confirmed all your information is correct, before you make an appointment.
  • You must have your form pre-checked by us.
  • You will need to bring your physical passport with you to your appointment as the embassy will keep of hold of this whilst your visa is processed.
  • We will collect your passport at a later date from the London visa centre, once the visa has been issued. Please allow up to two weeks from submisson date to receive your passport and visa back. We will post this back to your home address via Special Delivery.

For applicants applying in Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast:

  • A member of Wendy Wu Tours will not be able to meet you at any of these three centres but we can still pre-check your visa form and provide you with any supporting documentation.
  • Appointments must be made directly with Visa Centre in Manchester, Edinburgh or Belfast via the Visa Centre website.
  • The visa form must be completed first, before you make the appointment as it must be linked with your application reference number.
  • Before submitting your visa application, please email your application reference number across to ChinaVisa@wendywutours.co.uk to pre-check your form and supply you with any further documents you may need.
  • As Wendy Wu Tours will be unable to make payment to the visa centre on your behalf, you will be required to pay for this on your appointment day. If your booking includes our visa service, we will apply a deduction or refund to your booking and send you an updated confirmation invoice confirming so.
  • The refund the amount will be £151 per applicant (based on British passport holders applying on a standard service only).
  • For passengers in Northern Ireland: a temporary Visa Application Centre will be opening in Belfast for 4 days per month. Outside of these dates, applicants must apply at one of the mainland UK visa centres (you cannot apply at the Dublin centre).
  • You will need to bring your physical passport with you to your appointment as the embassy will keep your passport whilst your application is processed.
  • You will be required to collect your passport at a later date - this can take approximately up to 1 week, but please confirm exact dates at your appointment. The Visa Centre may offer a post back service, however you would have to check with them directly and may cost you an additional fee.

For applicants over the age of 70 (who are not required to attend a visa centre):

  • British Citizen passport holders who are aged 70 or over at the time of application, you will not need to visit a visa centre to provide fingerprints. 
  • You will still need to apply for a Chinese visa, however, you can post us your application forms and passports via Special Delivery.
  • We expect to receive your application forms anywhere between 6-11 weeks prior to departure. We will have your passports up to 4 weeks whilst they are processed.
  • If you want your application processed on a quicker service, up to 2 weeks, this is an additional cost of £60 per application.
  • You will need to complete the online application form and upload a photograph as per our instructions on this page. 
  • When completing the online application form, you use the London version of the application form. As this is centre where we will take your application to be processed.
  • As per our instructions on how to complete the application form, we ask you to email us your application reference number so we can double check all the details are correct before you finalise it. 
  • Once we have checked your form and its ready to go, you will need to print it out in colour and post it to us with your passports.
  • Your applications can be sent to our London office - Visa Department, Wendy Wu Tours, Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane, 47-49 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QG. 
  • Once your visa has been processed, we will collect your passport and post this back to you via Special Delivery to your home address which you list on the application form. 

When to submit your application

  • You should arrange your appointment between 4-11 weeks prior to your arrival date into China.
  • You cannot submit your application any earlier than 11 weeks, otherwise the embassy will refuse your application.

Completing the Online Visa Application form

The form must be completed online in accordance to which China Visa Application Service Centre, you will be submitting your application.

You will be required to scan and upload a coloured passport photograph per person. Please visit our photograph specifications further down this page as the embassy are extremely strict.

The online application form is quite long and complex, therefore, we recommend you allow approximately 1 hour per application.  

Please note you will need to provide personal information such as previous work experience and previous education, we recommend you obtain this information prior to completing your form.

Once you start your application, please make a note of your application reference number (e.g. LON2181210AL7734116). You can re-visit your application at any time, providing you have clicked the 'save' button which is located at the bottom of each page. 

Important – before submitting your application, we recommend you email our visa department ChinaVisa@wendywutours.co.uk with your reference number (e.g. LON2181210AL7734116), coloured copy of your passport photopage and a copy of your passport photo. We can pre-check your form and make any amendments to the application form before you submit and print it. Once you click the submit button on the last page, no changes can be made.

Completing your visa form

Section 1

      1. Family name as per passport – please type your surname as it appears in your passport
      2. Middle name – please type your middle name as it appears in in your passport (if you do not have a middle name, please leave blank)
      3. Given name as per passport – please type your first name as it appears in your passport
      4. Other name(s) – please type any previous names you may have including maiden name (please type N/A if not applicable)
      5. Name as written in native language – if your name is in another language, please type you full name here. Otherwise, enter N/A.
      6. Upload your photo – please scan a passport sized photo to upload in JPEG format only (please ensure your photo meets the required photo specifications as per our guidance)
    1. Date of Birth – please enter your date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd)
    2. Gender – please select your gender
      1. Country of Birth – please select your country of birth (e.g. United Kingdom)
      2. State/Province of birth – please type your county of birth (e.g. Kent)
      3. City of birth – please type this as it appears in your passport
    3. Material Status – please select
      1. Current Nationality – please select your nationality (e.g. United Kingdom)
      2. National ID number – if you hold a British passport, please tick 'Not applicable'
        • Do you hold any other nationality – please tick 'Yes' or 'No' if yes, please provide details
        • Do you holder permanent residence in any other country – please tick 'Yes' or 'No' if yes please provide details
        • Have you ever held any other nationality – please tick 'Yes' or 'No' if yes, please provide details
      1. Type of passport/travel document - if you hold a standard passport, please tick 'ordinary'
      2. passport number – please type your passport number as it appears in your passport (for British passport holders this is just the nine digit numbers only)
      3. issuing country/region – please select the country your passport was issued in (e.g. United Kingdom)
      4. issuing place – please type United Kingdom or the country your passport was issued
      5. issuing authority – for British passport holders please type either IPS or HMPO as per your passport
      6. issuing date – please type date of issue (yyyy-mm-dd)
      7. expiration date – please type date of expiry (yyy-mm-dd)
    4. lost/stolen passport/travel document – please tick 'Yes' or 'No' if yes, please provide details
We recommend you select 'Save' before proceeding to Section 2. 

Section 2

    1.         a. Types of visa and major purpose of your visit to China – please select (L) Tourism, then select Independent Tourist
      1. Visa validity – please type '24'
      2. Maximum duration of longest stay – please refer to your flight itinerary to calculate the numbers of days you are in China. This is from the day of arrival in China, until the day of departure from China. 
      3. Entries – please tick 'Multiple' for British passport holders or 'Single' for any other nationality
    2.         a. Service – please select 'Normal'
We recommend you select 'Save' before proceeding to Section 3.

Section 3

    1. a.   Current Occupation – please select from the dropdown list
    2. a.   Annual income – Select 'RMB' from the drop down box. 'Click 'Convert Currency', enter your annual income and select 'Pound Sterling (GBP)' from the drop down box to convert your currency. If you do not have an Annual Income then please tick the 'Not Applicable' box.
    3. a.   Work experience – please complete details of your current employer first, followed by your previous employer. If you are retired, please list your last employers - dates can be approximate. 
We recommend you select 'Save' before proceeding to Section 4.

Section 4

    1. Language Skills – please type any language skills you have, including English (written and verbal).
    2. Education since High (Secondary) School – please type details of previous, college, university or any other form of education you have attended since leaving Secondary School. If you tick 'Not Applicable' please give details.
We recommend you select 'Save' before proceeding to Section 5.

Section 5

      1. Country of current address – please select 'United Kingdom' (You must be a permanent resident of the UK to apply in the UK.)
      2. State/Province of residence – please type your county of residence (e.g. Kent)
      3. City of residence – please type your city of residence (e.g. Canterbury)
      4. (there is no 5.1D field on the application form)
      5. Postcode – please type your postcode
      6. No./Street/Avenue – please type the first line of your address
    1. Phone Number – please type your home number with no spaces. 
    2. Mobile number – please type your mobile number with no spaces.
    3. Email – please type your email address.
         5.        5.         a. (there is no 5.5A field on the application form)
                                b. family member/fathers details – please give details of your father or tick 'Not Applicable' if you tick 'Not Applicable' please give details
                                c. family member/mothers details – please give details of your mother or tick 'Not Applicable' if you tick 'Not Applicable' please give details
                                d. family member/childrens details – please give details of your children or tick 'Not Applicable'
                                e. Do you have any immediate family in China (not including children or parents) – please tick 'Yes' or 'No'. if you tick 'Yes' please give details

We recommend you select 'Save' before proceeding to Section 6.

Section 6

      1. Intended date of arrival – please type your arrival date (yyyy-mm-dd)
      2. Flight/Ship/Train arrival Number – please type your flight number (this can be found on your confirmation invoice)
      3. City of arrival – please type your city of arrival (this can be found on your confirmation invoice)
      4. County of arrival - please type one of the following, Beijing – Chao Yang, Xi’an – Weiyang Qu, Shanghai - Pudong.
      5. Intended date of departure - please type the date you leave China (yyyy-mm-dd)
      6. Flight/Ship/Train departure Number – please type your flight number (this can be found on your confirmation invoice)
      7. City of departure - please type your city of departure (this can be found on your confirmation invoice)
      8. County of departure - please type one of the following, Beijing – Chao Yang, Xi’an – Weiyang Qu, Shanghai - Pudong
    1. Destinations – please enter hotel details below in order of arrival and departure (if you are entering or leaving in a city which is not listed, please contact us for further hotel details)

      Chang An Grand Hotel - Beijing

      27 Hua Wei Li
      Chao Yang District
      Beijing, China, 100021

      YuLong International Hotel – Xi'an

      No.5 West Part of North 2nd Ring Road
      Xian Shi, Shaanxi Sheng,
      China, 710018

      YaFan Longmen Hotel

      777 Hengfeng Rd,
      Zhabei Qu,
      Shanghai Shi, China, 200000
      1. Name – East Shanghai International Travel Service
      2. relationship to you - Inviter
      3. phone number - 02158885682
      4. email address – administrator@eshtravel.com
      5. state/province - ShangHai
      6. city - Shanghai
      7. county – Pudong
      8. postcode - 200122
      9. serial number – leave blank
    2. emergency contact – please give the following details of your emergency contact
      • Surname
      • Middle name (or leave blank)
      • Given name
      • Relationship to you
      • Contact number
      • Email address
      • Country of residency
      • County of residency
      • City of residency
      • Post code of residency
    3. Who will pay for your travel – please select 'organization' and give details of the 'inviter' (as per above)
    4. domestic or foreign sponsor – please tick 'Not Applicable'
    5. travel companion – if you are travelling with anyone, please give details

Section 7

    1. previous visits to China – if you have traveled to China previously, please give details
    2. previous China visa(s) – if you have been granted a China visa in the past, please give details
    3. valid other countries visa – if you have any other valid visas for any country, please give details
    4. countries visited in the last 5 years – if you have traveled to any other country in the last 5 years, please give details

Section 8

    1. have you ever been refused a Chinese visa? – if yes, please give details
    2. has your Chinese visa been cancelled? - if yes, please give details
    3. have you ever entered China illegally, overstayed, or worked illegally? - if yes, please give details
    4. do you have a criminal record in any other country? - if yes, please give details
    5. do you have any serious mental disorder or infectious diseases? - if yes, please give details
    6. have you ever visited any countries or territories where there has been an epidemic in the last 30 days? - if yes, please give details
    7. Have you ever been trained, or do you have any special skills in the field of firearms, explosives, nuclear devices, biological or chemical products? - if yes, please give details
    8. have you ever served in the military? - if yes, please give details
    9. Have you served or participated in any paramilitary organisations, civil armed units, guerilla forces or rebellion organisations, or been a member thereof? - if yes, please give details
    10. is there anything else you want to declare? - if yes, please give details

Section 9

      1. Do you choose to send your passport to the visa centre? – please tick ‘No’, all applications must visit a visa centre in person to give fingerprints
      2. Are you collecting your passport? – if you would like Wendy Wu Tours to collect your passport on your behalf (London centre only) or you would like to collect your own passport please tick ‘by visiting the visa centre’ if you would like your passport to be posted back to you, please tick ‘By post’ and give details

Section 10

Please review all your answers on the application before declaring all information is correct. Please note once the visa form is completed, you will not be able to make any amendments. Any incorrect information will result you needing to complete a new application.

      1. Declaration – please select ‘personal application’ if you are over the age of 18 years old. If you are under 18 years old, please select ‘Assisting another application’ – further details need to be completed by a parent

On Section 10, you will see a 'save' or 'submit' button. Please ensure you click the SAVE button and email us your application reference number, so we can check this and make any changes on your behalf.

Once we have checked your form, if all is correct we will submit it on your behalf and email it back to you.

You will need to print this in colour, sign and date.


Photograph Specifications

The Chinese Embassy is extremely strict with regards to photographs, please ensure that you read the below specifications as this may result in your application being rejected when you attend the Visa Centre.

  • Must be taken in a photobooth or by a professional photographer.
  • You cannot take this photo yourself.
  • Must be on a white background.
  • The photo must be different to the one in your passport and must be taken within 6 months.
  • Passport size photo.
  • Your head should be positioned in the centre of the photo.
  • It should show your full face (without smiling) and your face should be in the centre of the frame.
  • Your hair should be tucked behind your ears.
  • No sunglasses.
  • No glasses.
  • No jewelry.
  • No hats or scarves

Once you have taken the photo in a photobooth/photographers, this will need to be scanned and uploaded to your computer as a JPEG file only and the file size must be 40KB-120KB. If you are having difficulty with meeting the above requirements and your photo is not uploading, please email through to ChinaVisa@wendywutours.co.uk and we can resize and correct the file type for you.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Passport - your physical current passport (6 months validity from arrival date to China and two blank pages).
  • Application Form - your fully completed and signed visa form printed in colour. 
  • Passport Photocopy - coloured copy of your passport photo information page.
  • Entry/Exit details to/from China - a copy of your flight confirmation.
  • China invitation support letter - we will send you this once we have pre-checked your form.
  • Your appointment confirmation - you must have an appointment confirmed.
If applicable:-
  • Non-EU passport holders will need to provide original proof of UK residency (UK visa or residence permit)
  • Coloured copy of any previous Chinese visas
  • If applicable, if you work in Government, Charities, Religious, Media or passengers under the aged of 18, then additional documentation will be required - please contact us.

Where are the Visa Centres located?

China Visa Application Service Centre
12 Old Jewry

tel: 0207 776 7888
email: ukcentre@visaforchina.org

China Visa Application Service Centre
Ground Floor
71 Mosley Street
M2 3HR

tel: 0161 236 1070
email: manchestercentre@visaforchina.org 

China Visa Application Service Centre
2nd Floor, Exchange Tower
19 Canning Street

tel: 0131 229 2519
email: edinburghcentre@visaforchina.org


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