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How to complete your India Visa Form

How to complete your India Visa Form

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(COVID-19) Visa Update

  • Please do not send any visa paperwork or passports to our UK office as it is currently closed in line with the Government advice.
  • The current entry requirements for each country remains uncertain during this time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the visa information on each page will be the same at the time of travel. We recommend that you look into visa requirements for your trip around 6 weeks prior to your departure date and follow the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice.

This page has been designed to help you complete your India visa application form with the correct information. If you are unsure of how to answer a certain question, then please visit our frequently asked questions.

Before completing your visa application form, please ensure you have installed the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Below is an Indian visa information form which will need to be completed by each passenger travelling.

Please note that the visa information form enclosed is a draft copy only as once we have received your completed form, we will be transferring your details on to the Indian embassies website.

Please do not worry about getting this form completely perfect as this is for Wendy Wu Tours use only.


  • Passport should have at least six months validity from the date of arrival in India.
  • The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer on arrival.
  • If you are a registered social worker, public sector worker, government official or military personnel we will require a letter from your employer stating the main purpose of your trip is tourism and your expected return to work date.
  • If you are non-UK citizen you will need to supply us with utility bills from the same provider from 2 years, 1 year and from the current month stating your name and address. Bank statements are not accepted.
  • If you are travelling with a child of under 16 years of age we will require a copy of their birth certificate and a letter of consent for the holiday, signed by both parents, even if both of you are travelling with the child.

We ask for your completed documents to be sent to us approximately 8 weeks prior to departure by post.

Processing time is 4 weeks. You will receive a copy of your visa by post once completed.

You will need to take two copies of the visa with you at the time of travel.

Once completed, we kindly ask you to send a copy of each of the below and send this to us via post special delivery.

Please note that the scanned documents must be in colour.

  • The completed Indian Visa Information form (one per person).
  • A colour recent photograph. Taken in a photo booth.
  • A colour copy of your passport photo page.

Send 8 Weeks prior to departure

Wendy Wu Tours
Ground Floor, Cottons Centre,
Cottons Lane,
47-49 Tooley Street,
London SE1 2QG
  1. Surname:

    Please write in block capital letters your surname.

  2. Given Name:

    Please write in block capital letters your given name(s).

  3. Any previous names held:

    If yes, please complete your previous surname and/or first name.

  4. Sex:

    Please circle your sex.

  5. Date of Birth:

    Please complete your date of birth in DD/MM/YYY format.

  6. Town/City of birth:

    Please provide the city/town where you were born. As shown in your passport.

  7. Country of Birth:

    Please select the country where you were born.

  8. Religion:

    Please write your religion.

  9. Educational Qualification:

    Please circle the applicable option.

  10. Visible identification marks:

    Please answer honestly, if yes please complete, if no please write none, if you do not wish to declare and distinguishable marks please write N/A.

  11. Educational Qualification:

    Please circle the applicable option.

  12. Nationality:

    Please write your current nationality

  13. Did you acquire citizenship by birth or by naturalization:

    Please circle the appropriate answer. If naturalization, please write your previous nationality.

  14. Passport details:

    Please complete your passport details, these can be found of the photo page of your passport. If you have dual citizenship and hold 2 passports please complete the details of the second passport.

  15. Address details:

    Please complete you address including postcode, phone and email into the relevant sections.

  16. Family Details:

    Please complete you mother, father and spouse’s details. If you are not married, please ignore spouse section.

  17. Were your Grandfather/ Grandmother (paternal/maternal) Pakistan Nationals or Belong to Pakistan held area:

    Please answer this question honestly. If yes, please give details.

  18. Profession/Occupation Details of Applicant:

    Please complete details of your occupation, company name, address and phone. If you are not currently employed, please write Retired or unemployed and NA in all other sections.

  19. Past Occupation:

    If applicable, please advise previous job title.

  20. Are/were you in a Military/Semi-Military/Police/Security Organization?

    Please answer honestly. If yes, please complete the relevant sections.

  21. Type of Visa:

    Please select TOURIST

  22. Period of visa:

    Please write 1 MONTH

  23. No. of entries:

    Please select SINGLE

  24. Purpose of Visa:

    Please select TOURISM

  25. Expected Date Journey:

    Please enter your expected date of arrival into India.

  26. Port of Arrival in India:

    Please write the port in which you arrive into India e.g. Mumbai.

  27. Places to be visited:

    Please write: New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur & Udaipur

  28. Have you ever visited India before:

    Please answer truthfully if yes, please complete the relevant details.

  29. Countries visited in the last ten years:

    Please complete a list of countries which you have visited in the last ten years. If you are keen travellers, please write on countries that you’ve visited during the last 2 years or countries that you have a visa sticker in your passport.

  30. Name, addresses and Telephone number of two referees in UK and in India

    For the India contact, please write the following:

    Go India
    E-29 Hauz Khas Market
    New Delhi

    Tel: 91 120 4615900

    For the UK contact, please write the following:

    Wendy Wu Tours
    Ground Floor, Cottons Centre,
    Cottons Lane,
    47-49 Tooley Street,
    London SE1 2QG

    Tel: 0800 9888 209