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How to complete your Nepal Visa Form

How to complete your Nepal Visa Form

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(COVID-19) Visa Update

  • Please do not send any visa paperwork or passports to our UK office as it is currently closed in line with the Government advice.
  • The current entry requirements for each country remains uncertain during this time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the visa information on each page will be the same at the time of travel. We recommend that you look into visa requirements for your trip around 6 weeks prior to your departure date and follow the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice.

This page has been designed to help you complete your Nepal visa application form with the correct information. If you are unsure of how to answer a certain question, then please visit our frequently asked questions.

Before completing your visa application form, please ensure you have installed the latest version of Adobe Reader.

You may type or hand write this form, as long as it is completed in capital letters on PLAIN A4 paper. Any application forms that have been printed on letter headed paper will be rejected and may cause further delays in your visa application process.

Please ensure that your passports with completed application form and passport photographs are sent to us 8 weeks prior to departure. It is essential that our office has received these travel documents by this time. Your passport must be valid for six months from the date of return from Nepal and should have at least 2 blank pages.

Please note: any passports sent into us 6 weeks prior to departure or less will automatically incur a visa express fee of £50 per person.

From client feedback we have listed some helpful pointers in helping you fill out your visa form on the questions which some people may be unsure of.

When sending your application to us, please check you have the following details:

  • One completed visa application per person
  • One full valid passport per person. Your passport must be valid for 6 months from your return date from Nepal.
  • One up to date passport photo per person

If you have everything, then please send all the details to us EXACTLY 8 weeks prior to departure, Special Delivery to:

WendyWu Tours
Ground Floor,
Cottons Centre,
Cottons Lane,
47-49 Tooley Street,
London SE1 2QG

Please provide one recent photograph (no more than 6 months old) of yourself. The photograph should be in color and meet the following requirements:

Please Note: We regret we cannot accept photographs that do not meet these requirements. Any photographs not meeting these requirements will be rejected by the embassy.

  • Taken against a light background (white or offwhite) so that features are distinguishable and in contrast.
  • Clear and of good quality.
  • Printed on normal photographic paper.
  • Un-mounted, 45 mm x 35 mm in size.
  • Should show full face (without sunglasses and without a hat or cap).
  • The face should be in the centre of the frame.
  • Taken in a professional photo booth and not printed at home.
  1. Name (Mr/Mrs/Miss):

    Please write your surname, first name as per your passport in block letters and underline your surname.

  2. Nationality:

    e.g. British

  3. Occupation:

    Please provide your current occupation. If you do not have one then simply write 'Retired'.

  4. Date of birth:

    DD/MM/YYYY: E.g. 25/11/1956

  5. Address:

    Please write your home address. Tick the box if this is your correspondence address.

    Contact No:

    Please provide your home telephone number.


    Please provide your email address.

  6. Passport No:

    This can be found on the identification page of your passport.

  7. Issued At:

    Authority of passport or place of issue. E.g. UKPA or IPS

  8. Date of Issue:

    Please write the date of issue of your current passport.

  9. Date of Expiry:

    Please write the expiry date of your current passport.

  10. Expected Date of Arrival in Nepal:

    Please refer to your flight itinerary.

  11. Duration of Stay in Nepal:

    Please refer to your flight itinerary.

  12. Address in Nepal:

    WendyWu Tours,
    Ground Floor, Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane,
    47-49 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QG.
  13. Purpose of Visit:

    Please circle Holiday.

  14. Date of Previous Visit(s) to Nepal, If any:

    Only applicable if you had visited Nepal in the past.

  15. Accompanying Child(ren) or Wife including in the passport that require visa:

    Please write NA

  16. Type of visa:

    Please circle c) Tourist.

  17. Multiple Entry Visa:

    Please circle a) 15 Days.

  18. If you are re-applying for single or multiple entries, within the current visa year, please mention your last date of entry into Nepal:

    Please write N/A.

Please date and sign the visa application form.