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Sitting 15 miles south of modern Cairo, Memphis was Egypt’s capital in the Old Kingdom period (2613-2181 BC). The city was founded by King Menes, who successfully unified the upper and lower Egypt under one ruler for the first time. Though most of Memphis’ ruins have been looted, its sprawling necropolis (Saqqara) is much better preserved.

Explore Saqqara... See more


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Jordan, the timeless land.

Been dreaming about seeing the gorgeous glow of Petra and the stunning Dead Sea in person? Jordan is a destination rich in heritage, beautiful on the eyes and an experience to remember. Discover all there is to see and what to expect on our Journey Through Jordan fully inclusive tour with our latest blog: https://bit.ly/3NuFPWF.... See more


Late Getaway Deal of the Day – A Week in Japan - Save up to £970pp with our Japan re-opening sale.

This weeklong snapshot tour is the ideal insight to everything that has made Japan one of the most visited destination. Tick off the key highlights, from the lights of Tokyo to the heights of Mount Fuji.

8 Days Fully Inclusive touring from £4,040 per... See more


Vine to Fine Wine

Nestled in the Andean foothills, Mendoza is a city of spacious boulevards, grand fountains, and plentiful green spaces. All this, plus a pleasant climate and this laidback, cosmopolitan city is very likely to win you over with its charms! Oh, and then there’s the wine.

Although technically desert, the city’s surroundings are full of... See more


The bustling markets of India are iconic. The buzz and hum of locals bartering for goods, the colourful stands with handmade items, nothing screams India like a good market.

Enjoy a walking tour through Pushkar's bustling market, admiring the enormous range of fresh produce, colourful textiles and interesting souvenirs. Immerse yourself in local life on... See more


One of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, Jericho’s roots go back a staggering 10,000 years…at least!

Located in the West Bank of Israel, the city is backed by the Judean Mountains, which themselves host monasteries and churches and, at the Mount of Temptation, were the setting of the Bible story where Jesus resists Satan after his 40 day... See more


Sale extended!

Great news, the savings from June will continue into July, offering up to £400 savings per person on 2022 tours booked before 31 July. Save up to £970 per person with our Japan re-opening sale, as partners fly for FREE and solo travellers enjoy half price single supplements, extended until 13 July. Explore the offers here:... See more


Palazzo San Marco

The principle public square of Venice, given the epic grandeur of the city as a whole, it was always going to be magnificent, and St Mark’s Square is! It is a grand showcase, a reflection of the glory of Venice’s past – with the arcaded Procuratie Vecchie on one side and the Procuratie Nuove on the other, it is the perfect place to... See more


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Book by the end of the day and enjoy savings up to £970 per person with our Japan re-opening sale. Partners fly for FREE and solo travellers can enjoy half price single supplements. Explore the offer: https://bit.ly/JapanOffers1

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Japan awaits with Wendy Wu Tours!

Your evening inspiration showing all the reasons why Japan should be atop your bucket list. Explore our range of fantastic fully inclusive Japan tours here: https://bit.ly/WWT-JAPAN See more


Late Getaway Deal of the Day – Angkor to the Bay - Save up to £400pp with our Summer Sale on all 2022 tours.

This 17-day immersive tour is a perfect insight to the history and charm of Vietnam and Cambodia. Tick off the highlights of two popular destinations in Southeast Asia, from the bustling streets of Saigon, to the wonderful views of the Temples of... See more


India's largest mosque

Built to accommodate 25,000 worshippers, Jama Masjid looms over the maze of narrow streets that is old Delhi from its hilltop perch. Built by Shah Jahan (of Delhi’s Red Fort fame) between 1644 and 1658, the mosque is a magnificent structure of layered red sandstone and white marble, and crowned with three huge white marble domes.... See more


Only a few days remain to save up to £970 per person.

Book by 30 June and choose the best savings from our fantastic June offers. Save up to £400 per person on 2022 tours worldwide with our Summer Sale, or save up to £970 per person with half price single supplements to Japan while partners can fly for FREE with our Japan re-opening sale.

Explore the... See more


The garden with an illusion

Ryoanji, another of Kyoto’s 17 World Heritage Sites, is the home of Japan’s most famous garden. Founded in 1450, this Zen temple’s garden is a display of perfect harmony and elegant simplicity. The origin and meaning of the garden itself, a classic example of a gravel and rock dry garden, is a mystery, but is thought to be a zen... See more


A seafood lovers delight

Famous for their delicious fish dishes, Sevan in Armenia is a popular tourist centre, not just for its lake, but for its history and many sights, Sevanavank Monastery and the ancient archaeological monument of Lchashen to mention a few.

Mostly known for its fish “ishxan” (Armenian Trout) don’t miss the opportunity to delight in... See more


Kumamoto Castle is considered one of the three premier castles in Japan along with Himeji Castle and Matsumoto Castle. With large castle grounds and a variety of buildings, the castle offers visitors one of the most complete castle experiences in Japan.

Only a few structures have remained intact in the centuries since the castle's construction in 1607, so... See more


Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC, Alexandria sits on Egypt’s northern coast, northwest of the capital, Cairo. Although much of the ancient city has been claimed by the sea, archaeological gems like Roman-era theatres and catacombs remain well-preserved.

Don’t miss the Catacombs of Kom-el-Shoqafa, the city necropolis; descend the stone spiral... See more


A fantastic snapshot of what Japan is renowned for. With the high-speed bullet train, through the traditional Japanese suburbs, bordered by the glorious glow of Mount fuji and the stunning cherry blossom.

Japan truly is a vision that can only be witnessed in person. Now that borders are open, don't miss the chance to be the first back with our exclusive... See more


The Naval of the Earth

Around 150 kilometres from Athens, Delphi is an ancient mountainside sanctuary, and Unesco World Heritage Site, close to the base of Mt Parnassus. In Classical Greece it was considered the ‘naval of the earth’, a spiritual focal point and the place where mortals could come and communicate directly with the gods.

Explore Delphi on... See more


The bright lights of Tokyo.

Although Tokyo is famous for its temples, traditions and nature, the bustle of the city is unlike anywhere else across the world. A place where the old and new create a fantastic fusion of Japanese culture, Tokyo really is a treasure chest waiting to be explored.

Discover the corners of Tokyo on our exclusive Jewels of Japan... See more


It was fantastic to see so many attending our Travel Solo in Style Travel Show last week, and we hope you enjoyed the show!

For all who missed our wonderful show, you can catch up here so you don't miss out on all the tips and inspiration when travelling solo on your next tour: https://bit.ly/3N6QLtl

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Getting ready for your trip to Japan?

Find out all the tips on travelling in and around Japan with our super handy travel guide. Compiled by our Japan experts, discover the best way to explore Japan, ensuring your trip runs as smooth as possible! Have a read here: https://bit.ly/3zJlMAt

Ready to set out to Japan now? Check out our exclusive Jewels of... See more


Deal of the day – Indochina Delights – Save up to £400 per person with our summer worldwide sale

The perfect way to explore Indochina, venture through three exciting and unique countries on this insightful introduction to the region. From the karst peaks of Halong Bay to the temples of Angkor, this 17-day tour ticks off all the best sights in the region.... See more


The art of origami

A representation of beauty and peace, the art of origami is a traditional Japanese technique, taught from a young age and has been used for centuries. The shapes can range from cranes and hats to animals and flowers, and requires patience and precision.

Try your hand at origami on our Jewels of Japan tour: https://bit.ly/JewelsJapan.... See more


The gorgeous town of Shimla

Sitting in the foothills of the Himalaya, Shimla sprawls along a high ridge at an altitude of 2159 metres, and with this height comes the most amazing panoramas across the surrounding ridges, valleys and peaks. It is perhaps India’s most famous and popular hill station. The capital can be reached by the famous Toy Train from... See more


Your two-week reminder to book that dream tour for 2022!

As Japan is now open, book any tour by 30 June, and enjoy savings of up to £970 per person as partners fly for FREE and solo travellers enjoy half price single supplements. Explore the offer here: https://bit.ly/JapanOffers1. Don't forget our exclusive Jewels of Japan departure on the 25 July 2022!... See more


The bright heart of Osaka

The Dotonburi District is Osaka's most renowned area. With the buzz of the restaurants and bars and the vibrant city lights, it's also known as the most colourful areas in Osaka. The word 'kuidaore' translates roughly to 'eat until you drop' and is a perfect summary of what to expect when in Dotonburi.

Explore the district on... See more


The gorgeous Lyabi-Hauz

Derived from Persian and meaning ‘ensemble near the pool’, Bukhara’s characterful Lyabi-Hauz is a plaza constructed in 1620 around a large pool with fabulous buildings on three sides, including two madrasahs (Islamic schools) and a khanaka (a Sufi lodging house).

Even today the custom continues for local people to gather here at... See more