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Race Across Asia

Race Across Asia

Take Wu

China Week

Race Across Asia - Take Two Wu

Everyone's favourite travel programme is back and we couldn't be more excited as this time it's in Wendy Wu Tours' backyard - Asia!

The Race Accross the World teams will race from northernmost Japan, crossing six seas and eight borders, through multiple countries, including Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. Leaving behind their smartphones, internet access and bank cards, they will be armed only with the cash equivalent of the airfare from Sapporo to Lombok.

Join the Wu Crew Every Thursday afternoon

Get the gossipy lowdown on the previous night's Race Across the World episode. Our panel of fans, will take a fun look at what went on, what places made them go OMG and which racers made them say Dear God No!

And of course we'll tell you how you can experience these jaw-dropping destinations for yourself and throw in a fabulous special offer each week to really put the icing on the cake. Join the chat every Thursday afternoon from Thursday 11 April 3pm. Click Here for a reminder.

Inspired by the Show? Keep up to date with all the places the contestants visit with our detailed episode guide and find out how you can travel there in style with Wendy Wu Tours. Discover more.

Join the party. If you've been to this part of the world (or want to) and would like to join us on the show we'd love make you a star. We film every Thursday at our London Bridge office so just drop us a line if you'd like to get involved at

Week 6 – Koh Phi Phi, Thailand to Bukittinggi, Indonesia: Thursday 16th May 3pm

Singapore to Bangkok by Rail
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Singapore to Bangkok by Rail

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Singapore to Bangkok by Rail✕ close
Place to visit: Singapore (2N) – Malacca (1N) – Kuala Lumpur (2N) – Cameron Highlands (1N) – Penang (2N) – Phuket (2N) – Khao Sok National Park (2N) – Hua Hin (1N) – Bangkok (3N)
Amazing experience: Singapore – Malacca – Kuala Lumpur – Cameron Highlands – Penang – Phuket – Khao Sok – Hua Hin – Bangkok
18 days from £5,590pp

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand to Bukittinggi, Indonesia

After enjoying the tranquillity of the paradise islands of Koh Phi Phi, the teams now face a giant leap into the unknown, leaving Thailand behind to embark on a 2000km journey across Malaysia to the rarely-visited Indonesian island of Sumatra, where the sixth checkpoint lies in the mountain-fringed city of Bukittinggi.

Our panel discusses how the dwindling budgets are starting to put pressure on the teams, the pros and cons of the routes taken and the highlights (and lowlights!) experienced along the way. With only a few weeks to go, it might be time to place our bets on our winners-to-be finally!

Singapore to Bangkok by Rail

Embark on an enchanting 18-day journey through Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, travelling by a mix of trains, coaches- and even a funicular railway. Immerse yourself in the heritage towns of the Malay Peninsula before venturing into the heart of the Cameron Highlands by train. In Thailand, ancient rainforests and scenic national parks await, with opportunities to hike, swim and relax. A poignant visit to Kanchanaburi offers insight into WWII history, before your journey terminates in dynamic Bangkok.

Past Episodes

Week 1 - Japan

Week one saw the teams racing from Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, over 1,600 kilometers south to the ancient capital of Nara. with multiple routes to choose from, a huge language barrier to oevrcome and travelling through one of the most expensive countries in the world, this week really tested the teams skills, ingenuity and determination.

Week 2 - Japan to South Korea

Week two saw the teams crossing their first border into South Korea and travelling the length of the country to reach the second checkpoint in the seaside town of Sokcho. In the Wu Crew Jimmy is not happy with someone's queue jumping and Jen thinks Brydie and Sharon need to get a move on!

Week 3 - Vietnam to Cambodia

The teams enter Southeast Asia for the first time, starting the third leg from the chaotic Vietnamese capital Hanoi. They must race over 2,000km through Vietnam and into the Kingdom of Cambodia to reach one of the fastest-developing cities in South East Asia – Phnom Penh.

Week 4 - Cambodia to Thailand

This week the teams are starting from the third checkpoint in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. From here they must travel 1,400 kilometres through Thailand, one of the most visited countries in the world, to the Shan Highland that straddle the Thai-Myanmar border, where the fourth checkpoint is situated in the sleepy mountain town of Mae Sariang. 

Week 5 - Mae Sariang to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

On this week's vert scenic episode, our racers navigated the full length of Thailand to reach the next checkpoint - Koh Phi Phi -  immortalised by the Hollywood blockbuster movie The Beach. Our panel discuss the challenge of getting to Bangkok with very limited transport - and their thoughts on how the various teams tackled this. They also discuss their favourite Thailand highlights that were missed, trains travel in Southeast Asia - and of course their new (and old!) hot favourites to win! 

Race Across Asia Take Wu - Wrap Up Show

Race Across Asia Take Wu - Wrap Up Show

Join us after the finale the Race Across the World on Wednesday 5 June as we show you how to recreate the epic journeys in Wendy Wu Tours style. Meet the experts and claim your exclusive offer at our online show.

Registration is free but places are limited.  

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