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Discover Athens

Discover Athens


Founded 5,000 years ago and named for the goddess Athena, Athens today remains as cutting edge and cool as it ever was, ancient and modern sitting happily side by side in what is a lively and vibrant metropolis.

The city’s heart has been the Acropolis for millennia; visible from everywhere sitting high up on its hilltop, it is a constant reminder of Athens’ place at the centre of Ancient Greece and as the founder of Western civilisation and bringer of democracy, philosophy, mythology and drama.

Most famous for its sprawling and impressive antiquity, the city has a whole lot of other history too; there are Byzantine influences to the architecture, Ottoman flavours in the food, and a penchant for 19th century neo-classicalism in the elegance of the city centre. It is also thoroughly modern in its energy and outlook, the old streets bustling with pioneering galleries, cool cafes and a wealth of restaurants and bars.

Athens may well be an open-air museum full of some of the world’s most important ancient history, but it is by no means outdated – this is a thriving, chic and enchanting city that is a must on every bucket list. 

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Things To See In Athens

No trip to Athens would be complete without seeing one of the wonders listed below.

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