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Japan Highlights

Japan Highlights

Discover Japan's top highlights with Wendy Wu Tours

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In a country as ancient, scenically diverse and culturally unique as Japan, seeing all of the highlights is a lifetime's work! However, there's most definitely some icons that almost everyone would agree are must sees. No trip would be complete without seeing these Japan highlights: Mount Fuji, Kyoto's historic temples and gardens, the ancient capital of Nara and Tokyo's futuristic cityscapes. Once you have these icons ticked off then the fun really begins of what to add. 

Whether you are a first time visitor looking for the top attractions in Japan or a seasoned traveller wanting to get off the beaten track – we can help.

Here’s our guide to the highlights of Japan. Click on the tiles to find out why they should be on your bucket list and how to experience them on one of our holidays.

For the real inside track on the top sights in Japan and expert friendly advice on how to include them in your trip, read our Japan holidays guide or give our travel experts a call.

Japan's Top Attractions