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USA Rail Holidays

USA Rail Holidays

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Everyone knows something about the USA. Whether it’s world-famous landscapes, a celebrated skyline or renowned attraction, images of this colossal country are known around the globe. Whatever it is that we know though, there is a whole lot more to learn – American food isn’t just burgers and hot dogs, not every settlement is a bustling city and there isn’t a certain coffee shop on every corner. That’s all part of the joy of travelling here, there’s always more to discover.

With huge landscapes ranging from mountains and desert to rolling plains and tropical beaches to lose yourself in, cities full of diverse cultures to explore, a turbulent history to engage with and delicious cuisine to sample, there is so much to see and do. There is no overarching ‘American’ experience. In fact, experiencing the USA can be many different things, it’s up to you what you make of it.

The amount of rail travel you'll be enjoying varies from tour to tour. You may be exploring a country travelling predominantly by train or perhaps just getting a flavour of how the locals get about with one or two select journeys. We've also included those tours that include a journey on iconic scenic trains. Take a look at the tour inclusions to see how many rail journeys you'll be enjoying in each instance.

Our Rail Holidays

The USA's Railways

Travelling by Rail in the USA

Travelling by Rail in the USA

Though skeletal compared to other countries, the USA’s train network has 30 routes that serve 500 destinations across 46 states – plenty of opportunity for a railroad adventure! Traversing the country from east to west and north to south, there is no better way to see some spectacular scenery and catch a glimpse of Americana in the small, quirky towns that are well under the radar.

Most services are operated by Amtrak, whose trains offer comfortable seating and a dining car, plus dome cars on the most scenic routes. It is worth noting, however, that they share the tracks with colossal, mile long freight trains, that are usually given priority. You can also ride the rails on luxury trains, like the iconic Rocky Mountaineer. These trains offer the chance to see some of the USA’s most glorious landscapes from opulent carriage that have every comfort and convenience and delicious, freshly prepared food.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer

From the moment you set foot onboard Rocky Mountaineer, you enter a world of impeccable, above-and-beyond service. A train well-known for its world-class experience, discover the monumental landscapes of the American South on an epic rail journey through Colorado and Utah (or venture a little further with a package with additional touring), which you can book with us on our Rocky Mountaineer USA page.

You can choose from two classes – stylish SilverLeaf Service or the enhanced SilverLeaf Plus – each giving you access to amenities and facilities designed to make your journey utterly comfortable. Both breakfast and lunch are prepared onboard by award-winning chefs and accompanied by local wine and beer, all served in the dining. While you are on the train, all excursions are included as well as station transfers to and from your overnight hotel.